Friday, July 19, 2024

A President is a nation’s custodian of safety and wellbeing

We, as humans, have evolved slowly to what we are now. And I do not mean in a biological or anthropological way. Nothing of the sort. Just in the way we have tried to make ourselves better as people. The things we have invented to make life more bearable, for example. The schools and presidential libraries we have erected not only to learn from but to harness past experiences so as to offer some insight in mapping a better future for ourselves are examples neglected by those same people who built them because the lessons inside do not allow them to do as they are doing. African leaders distort history to glorify themselves. They deny our people the right to choose and take away anything as simple as personal dignity. And this has been going on since African countries started fighting for their liberation from colonial rule.

The fighting for freedom was the easy part; the difficulty came when we were left “to our own devices” to rule ourselves. Not a single African country is not under more tremendous pressure from current rulers than from the colonialists. In my part of the world, South Africa and Zimbabwe are the worst of the worst. I will leave South Africa’s lack of direction aside because South African leaders of the African National Congress are not original, a loophole that its opposition parties, like Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters, seized upon and are actually benefitting from. We are no longer in the age of Chairman Mao, Kwame Nkrumah, Franz Fanon and all those people.

They are pass├®. We are in a new age which came upon us whether we liked it or not. Today has come and is ravaging us. Today is ahead of us. So cool your heels and be real. In soccer, the goalkeeper, being the last line of defense, always has a cabinet of ten in front to protect himself and the goalmouth. For 35 years now, Zimbabwe’s last line of defense has been one Robert Mugabe. And, my friends, we have lost just about every match in which we have “played”. When the coach or goalkeeper rushes onto the field and pushes every player of his team off the pitch, dons spikes, chainsaws, spears and knives, then we should rename the game because it is no longer a “people’s game”.

We in Zimbabwe have not been playing according to any established rules nor have changed any rules of the game but our leader of 35 years changes rules to fit himself and his family’s desires. During a time of what was then “illegal” farm seizures, our President allowed his party’s supporters to physically intimidate or attack the judges who gave rulings against the government. This stupid shameful act saw the best of our judges leaving Zimbabwe to SADC countries, with others going far afield.

We saw our president pardoning convicted murderers and those who had been convicted of attempted murder of his political opponents. When our last line of defense’s party activists kidnapped some people opposed to him and his party, Mugabe ignored the atrocities. Some survived but many were never found and we are not allowed anywhere near the disused mineshafts that we suspect they might have been thrown into. Our line of defense in Zimbabwe cannot even rule over his own cabinet as he always embarrasses a minister or two with his wacky and destructive populist policies, most recently being Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, who Mugabe undermined while he was busy negotiating with the World Bank. Mugabe does not find any need to consult with his ministers but just issues populist counter statements that make economists in and outside Zimbabwe cringe.

This is the same president who uses undiplomatic language, insults and humiliates world leaders in Zimbabwe’s name. This is the same president who raided the coffers of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) of Zimbabwe that was set up to receive and invest people’s pensions and related social security funds post their retirement. He wanted the money for his overseas trips. This is the same president who, for propaganda purposes, let his minister, Jonathan Moyo, raid coffers of the underfunded AIDS programme to, insultingly, stage a stupid beauty contest in Victoria Falls.

Just last week, Mugabe sprung another first not only on us but also on the world when he tacitly stopped the payment of legitimately earned pension funds and other benefits accrued during legal tenures of employment because the deserving recipients were once government employees in Joyce Mujuru, Mugabe’s deputy for more than ten years just because he views Mujuru as against him because Mugabe’s young ignorant lass, Grace Mugabe, feels threatened. It is also said that Mrs. Mujuru had to pay her former office staffers from her own pocket after Mugabe vindictively “withdrew State-funded benefits including security staff”.

To add to that, reports say Mujuru “had not received her salary since January after her recall from the post over allegations of plotting to oust her principal”. Now because of Grace Mugabe, the ruling party is in turmoil and will never recover. It is the ruling party and, because of that, is of particular interest to Zimbabweans of all persuasions. This is the President of Zimbabwe. This is the Chairman of SADC. This is the Chairman of the AU. This is the man South Africans, SADC and AU leaders always give a standing ovation. Africa, if you admire Mugabe so much, please, take him and give him a job in your country. I find it ironic and really shitty that African countries are up in arms against South Africa’s xenophobia yet xenophobia has been going on in many African countries, particularly Zimbabwe where Mugabe’s phobia of Zimbabweans long turned into genocide, spread over decades…yet no one in Africa spoke up.

The AU, SADC and Mugabe himself, who leads both organisations, had to be cajoled into making a statement against the mayhem in South Africa only because this time, the phobia involved more than Zimbabweans but nationals from other countries. Indeed, African countries started making individual statements on their own having given SADC and the AU time to jump into the fray. South African President Jacob Zuma’s former wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is the AU Commission Chair and could not say anything about attacks on foreigners in South Africa…conflict of interest.

Mugabe, as AU Chairman who had just returned from South Africa to beg for money to stage a SADC Summit and where he thanked South Africa for giving Zimbabweans jobs, could not say anything…conflict of interest. Atrocities happened in a SADC country and Mugabe, as Chairman of SADC, could not say anything against South Africa…conflict of interest. The President of any country is that nation’s last line of defense. While he rules the country, he or she is also governed by those he governs. The reason no African president bothers with setting up a presidential library is simply because African Presidents never retire or leave office alive or voluntarily. Besides, they are all liars who shamelessly distort history to glorify themselves. Not even books they write or are written about them are considered as scholarly. In this regard, give a well-deserved standing ovation to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.


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