Sunday, May 22, 2022

A response to ‘The Saleshandos and their BDP tags’

Nthite’s article was published in several papers. The author who is hiding under a false name is a civil servant who is a BNF member and wants to give the impression that he is anti-BDP when he is not. His desperation and frustration about the unity and tranquility that prevails in the BCP easily comes through. His goal and motive is to tarnish the Saleshandos and that of the BCP, hoping for political gain for his own party. The BCP has demonstrated fore-sight, mature and principled leadership, by choosing to consult its membership before joining the Umbrella II project. Boko came out clear that he wanted the presidency of the umbrella, and hurriedly resurrected the umbrella and nicknamed it umbrella II and became its leader. He now wants to use the BNF symbol for the Umbrella because he is embattled and beleaguered. Boko failed to consult members of the BNF and utilize the time to wait for the BCP. He was not ready to compete for the presidency and reality facilitated the decision not to wait.

Now, with the hemorrhage within both the BMD and BNF, it is clear that the umbrella remains a state of mind for certain people and far from reality. The BCP therefore, remains the only formidable force the BDP has to reckon with, come 2014. Articles such as one written by Nthitenyane Nthite and Elias Senthufe on page 18 of the same paper, and their sponsors are desperate attempts to use character assassination and propaganda to tarnish the BCP. Batswana despise such old fashioned and uncouth strategies, and these will backfire on Nthite and his sponsors’ faces. I wonder who Nthite’s target audience is? He undermines them so much that he believes they can respect his rumours, as he himself calls the assertions he makes on the BDF tender fabrication, which is actually an attempt to divert attention from the real culprits. With regard to my shares; Wilderness Safari listed on the stock exchange and all Batswana, irrespective of political affiliation, were free to buy shares and they did. I bought shares like other members of Parliament and the public. The BDP did not buy me shares and will never do so. The issue of my family tags with BDP is absurd to say the least. I have committed myself to a life of fighting BDP misrule and I will continue to do so until the last days of my life.

My position on the CKGR is simple. I support Roy Sesana when he says ÔÇô ‘a ditlhabololo di re latele’ ÔÇô development must go to the people and not the people to development. Now that the Basarwa will stay in the CKGR, and the government does not allow them to hunt and gather, they therefore, need jobs. I advocate that the Basarwa should be given shares for their land. Basarwa cannot be left to rot in the CKGR without jobs and skills. With its international publicity, the CKGR is a great tourist attraction which can generate income for Basarwa if the right policies were in place.

A portion of the CKGR could be set aside for purposes of establishing a community trust run by Basarwa themselves. I have a lot of respect for Survival International with regards to what they have done for the Basarwa. However, as a citizen, I have my points of departure from Survival. For instance, I did not believe that Botswana diamonds were blood diamonds because our economy would have collapsed, and denied Batswana access to needed services. I believe though that our diamond wealth should have been used to equitably develop Batswana, Basarwa included. If we allow Survival to now destroy tourism which is the second income earner of the country, then Batswana will equally loose access to ARVs and development in general. I believe we can fight tribalism, which the BDP has entrenched in the country, and on the basis of which the Basarwa are discriminated against, without destroying the economy. We need diamonds and tourism to develop Basarwa and all the peoples of Botswana. The fact that Survival International was against developing tourism in the CKGR does not mean the place has no tourism potential.

I and the BCP will continue to support the Basarwa in their struggle for economic empowerment and freedom from tribal discrimination, upon which the BDP has built its political power. The BCP will continue to provide an alternative government for this country, despite desperate attempts by Nthite and his sponsors to misinform and mislead the nation through self-generated untruths and hallucinations. The BDP hates serious competition and therefore hates the BCP and its leadership.

However, this will not stop the BCP from growing and attracting quality membership. I therefore call upon all Batswana to focus on bringing about change that will eradicate poverty, which the BDP created over 45 years. Our education system has broken down irretrievably and so is our health system. The BCP has a moral imperative to restore these vital services for the people and fight corruption, nepotism and tribalism which continue to under develop our country.


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