Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A touch of coziness at Primi Piatti

Famous for its pasta and thin base pizzas, the Italian franchise Primi Piatti has been in existence for nine years, making it as old as Riverwalk mall, its place of location.

The restaurant has managed to secure itself a name among the top eateries around town. Primi is decorated on the inside with bottles filled with different coloured waters, which in turn add a bit of colour to the laid back environment. The music played in the background is always soul soothing. Nothing has changed since my last visit here earlier this year.

Upon entering the restaurant, my colleague and I were ushered in and directed to sit at a place of our choice. We chose to sit in the smoking section. Compared to the non smoking section, the smoking section has an inviting feel about it. Apart from that, it gives you the bird’s eye view which means when sitting here you are better placed to see the proceedings around the restaurant. From customers entering the restaurant to the waiters mixing their cocktails behind the counter, you can see it all.

On this day though, we find Primi looking a bit deserted, possibly because of the time. It’s only just an hour or two after lunch. However the waiters and waitresses couldn’t be bothered by this as they are busy moving up and down tending to their work.

After some time of our browsing through the menu and not being able to settle on what to eat, the manager came to the rescue and recommended Chicken liver pasta, a dish he talked highly of.
The dish came and it did not disappoint. It is prepared by par frying the butter in a frying pan with garlic, mushroom, chili and livers which are infused in brandy, cream and napoletana sauce for a bit of flavour.

The colourful pasta does not disappoint and lives to expectation. With a bit of chili felt in taste buds, the the pasta is well cooked. Not too well done or not done. Just the way it should be. The combination of the brandy and the cream added to the livers gave out a tangy taste to the warm pasta.

Moving from the pasta I had a glass of Primi house red wine which has a deep flavour and a fruity smell. However I did not finish the whole glass as my companion got a cocktail that caught my attention. It was the strawberry jam jar which is a mixture of vodka, both dark and light rum with strawberry juice and lots of ice decorated with a slice of pineapple. The cocktail doesn’t taste as half bad and has a mellow taste.

On a broader note about the restaurant, it has vegetarian dishes, food with chili or no chili and steak. However it does not have the famous ribs that most city slickers seem to be fond of. The food is prepared espresso which is quickly and while still fresh. One commendable aspect is that Primi makes pizza bases for their pizza. They also have a slot on weekends where they teach kids how to make pizzas.

The least expensive food item is Arabiata pasta at P35.00 and lamb chops is the most expensive at P130.00.The finest wine in the house goes for P250 per bottle, the cheapest at P100.The service is very good all the way, from the time you enter the restaurant till you leave.


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