Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Abian Ntshabele health update

I am Tiny Ntshabele, the mother of a 14 year old girl Abian Ntshabele (Abbie) from Botswana, currently in UK for treatment of a rare form of ovarian cancer called Immature teratoma. We previously raised funds through PLEASE HELP ABBIE GET WELL campaign for a life saving surgery that Abbie needed desperately in China.

Unfortunately Abbie wasn’t medically fit to take a flight to China as her aggressive condition progressed rapidly. Instead a trip to Belgium (Gent university hospital) was undertaken which resulted in talks with UK colleagues and a decision was taken for the surgery to take place in the UK, Newcastle. Abbie was cared for in Nottingham children’s hospital with a massive distended abdomin, impaired liver function, significant respiratory compromise which was life threatening.

So far Abbie has had:
*4 cycles of BEP chemotherapy in Botswana.
*3 surgical resections in Botswana. 
*1 very complex life saving surgery to remove tumours weighing over 8kg in Newcastle UK.
*3 further surgeries to washout the infected fluid collections which resulted from the major surgery.
*skin graft to close the tummy wound which broke down due to multiple resections.
*unresolved chest fluid collection needing another surgical procedure.
*frequent hospital reviews, regular CT scans, ultrasounds and X-Ray’s to monitor any growth of tumours.

Unfortunately Abbie’s complicated journey resulted in prolonged hospital stays, highly skilled transplant surgeons, and weeks in ICU, more specialists being called in, that is, chest / respiratory team, plastic surgeons, psychologist and physiotherapists. This means the initial funds raised have depleted.

I am urgently appealing not only to those who have helped my daughter get where she is now, but also to those who wish to join us in this fight to help this courageous, strong, resilient little fighter who has hopes of being a doctor complete her complicated journey towards Full Recovery and get her home and back at school. 
Your commitment, your thoughts, prayers, donations, advice and kind words of comfort and encouragement truly got us this far.
The funds raised are going towards Abbie’s overhanging medical bills, aftercare, future medical interventions bills, needs /cost of living travel and accommodation. 

******We will get there in the end******

ACC: 62263884291

Account name: Abbie Ntshabele Trust Fund Account
Bank: First National Bank of Botswana Limited
Branch: Riverwalk Plaza
Account No: 621 463 520 50 (for companies)
c/o Moribame Matthews Attorneys.

Email: [email protected]



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