Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Abortion medics deported

The government of Botswana has deported the two Ugandan medical doctors who were at the center of police investigations over illegal abortion and tax evasion. After keeping a private clinic in Maruapula shopping complex under surveillance for some time, investigators from the Central Police Station cracked down on the alleged abortion clinic and nabbed two Ugandan general practitioners, who were known to their young female clients as gynaecologists.

Another medical doctor based in Princess Marina hospital in Gaborone was also implicated in illegal abortion practices. Sources have revealed that during the raid the clinic was found packed with young women, mostly students from tertiary institutions, who wanted to commit abortion after being impregnated by married men. Sources have also revealed that police found fetuses that were soaked in bleach, wrapped in black refuse bags and thrown in nearby garbage bins.

Sunday Standard is also informed that the Botswana Unified Revenues Service (BURS) has been conducting parallel investigations and has fingered the two Ugandan medics as prime suspects in a tax evasion scam involving close to P7 million. All bank accounts belonging to the suspects have been frozen and their properties seized by BURS.

The Director of Immigration and Citizenship, Mabuse Pule, confirmed that two Ugandan medical doctors have been deported by the Office of the President. He also said the third doctor left before his colleagues were deported. He said the two were deported on Friday morning but could not state reasons for their deportation.

“The deportation order from the Office of the President did not state reasons why they were deported. We only took instructions and made sure that they are out of the country as ordered,” he said.

In an earlier interview, Public Relations Officer of Botswana Police Service (BPS) Senior Superintendent Dipheko Motube revealed that the three medical doctors were under investigations after being suspected of involvement in illegal abortion practices. He added that two of the suspects were private doctors while the other one was employed at Princess Marina hospital.

“Investigations are on-going and we have not yet ascertained exactly how many cases are involved. But for now I can assure you that we are investigating several cases against the suspects,” he said.

He also revealed that a number of women are helping the police with investigations. Supt. Motube expressed worry about the escalating incidents of illegal abortions and warned that those who are engaged in such illegal activities will face the wrath of the law when caught. He further asked the public to report such people to the nearest police station. When contacted for comment, the Ministry of Health spokesperson Doreen Motshegwa said: “Abortion is illegal and no one is allowed to conduct it unless they are certified medical doctors who find it fit to terminate such pregnancy, as in instances where the patient’s life is in danger.”


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