Thursday, June 30, 2022

Absence of night activities in Chobe driving away tourists

Botswana is losing revenue from tourists who usually visit Chobe area but later cross to  neighbouring countries for night activities.
The government has however disputed claims that the operating hours could be driving tourists away since most of the tourists  are eager to party.
A number of tourists who usually visit Chobe  Game Reserve in Kasane only come  for daily activities only to leave to neighbouring countries at night.
Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Neil Fitt stated in an interview at the sideline of Tourism Pitso that  there is need to come up with night activities  for tourists who usually leave to places such as Victoria Falls.
“We are doing well with day activities but when it comes to night activities there is a problem more especially in Kasane and Kazungula. We need to develop night activities. I am not saying that our hotels are not doing well but we should make sure that we have some night activities because these people are on holiday and they want to party,”said Fitt.
He stated that tourists end up crossing to other countries because they are  looking for something different.  
He however disputed that the tourists cross to other countries due to  liquor regulations. He emphasised that in the absence of night activities they leave to neighbouring countries which result in the country losing revenue that could have benefited the tourism industry in Botswana.
The tour  operators  were also warned to desist from illegal activities such as  driving off-road in national parks.   
Minister Tshekedi Khama  says they are going to take sterner measures against those who are involved in such  illegal activities such as driving offroads.
  Khama called on people to desist from such activities because they have a dossier of those who have been involved in illegal activities. Khama threatened to publish the pictures of the pepetrators who usually drive off-road. He said such people know very well that what they are doing is illegal.
  Khama was also concerned about the increasing number of illegal tour operators . He was concerned that a number of people have been operating illegal tour safaris where they take tourists for sightseeing while they are not licenced.


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