Sunday, October 1, 2023

Accused says DISS officer killed by fellow officer

An accused person, Blessing Mukweni, is behind bars as a remand prisoner in the wake of the mysterious death of Daniel Moilwa in 2008.

Mukweni is accusing the prosecution of dilly-dallying with the commencement of the case.

Moilwa, an officer of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DISS), was shot dead with a service pistol on November 19 2008 whilst on duty at Tshweneng location in Broadhurst.

On the said day, Mukweni was raided by DISS agents at a Broadhurst house and, during the ensuing struggle to capture Mukweni, Moilwa was shot but Mukweni was also left with severe injuries.
Controversy has since surrounded the incident as to who really pulled the trigger.

DISS agents point an accusing finger at the accused while his account implicates a female colleague accompanying the deceased being the one who shot her colleague.

The case remains a mystery because a service pistol was used and since then Mukweni has been informed time and again during his appearances that the prosecution is awaiting numerous results for the case to proceed.

“It is correct that a member of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services was shot and killed whilst on duty. Investigations on this matter are still on-going therefore I am not in a position to disclose any information relating to this matter. Regarding the pistol, a service pistol was used to kill the deceased,” the Defence, Justice and Security Minister, Ramadeluka Seretse, said when responding to a question from concerned Gaborone Central MP, Dumelang Saleshando.

Appearing for mention before Broadhurst magistrate Imafon Akpabio, Mukweni this week stirred further controversy, demanding the production of the ballistics results which he said he had been waiting for for four months.

He contends the delay in the presentation of the results was a ploy by prosecution to eclipse the evidence as to who actually killed the deceased.

Mukweni, who suffered serious injuries when his body was riddled with bullets during the scuffle, also requested the court to order the prosecution to furnish him with his medical report so that he could know the effects of the bullets that penetrated his body and the extent of the injuries he suffered.

He also made an application demanding an affidavit from the forensic laboratory showing that, indeed, the state suffers some technical delays in releasing the results as earlier alluded to by the state counsel, Keletso Kgathi.

Kgathi indicated to the court that the prosecution was still waiting for the results pending the experts handling the case being on sick leave after having been involved in an accident.

It emerged in court there are only two experts serving as forensic experts in the whole country. The prosecution would attempt to find out whether there was any chance of the other taking over the matter.

The prosecution was ordered to furnish Mukweni with the medical report and the affidavit on April 6th ÔÇô the day which he appears again for mention.

In another controversial matter implicating the DISS, parliament learnt “a total of three reports alleging abuse by agents of DISS were received by the Botswana Police Service.”
Seretse asserted “two of these were reported by members of the public whilst one was reported by serving members of Botswana of Botswana Police.”

“All the three cases are still under investigation,” he revealed.


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