Monday, June 24, 2024

Action Coach Botswana seeks to boost SMEs in Botswana

Newly launched Action Coach Botswana intends change the landscape of doing business in the country by forging partnerships with strategic players such as CEDA, LEA, Business Botswana, BITC, BNPC, Tokafala among others to ensure small and medium businesses realise growth.

When launching the brand on Friday in Gaborone, Action Coach Botswana Managing Director Wilfred Mpai said the Action coach Botswana initiative was motivated by government dream seeking avenues for employment to the nation.

“As a former banker, I know of the often-unavoidable tug of war between a desire to lend money to help grow the economy and a need to clamp down on your clients at the slightest hint of financial hardships. In worse cases, ending up being forced to liquidate the very client you sought to liberate. No banker wants things to come to this point. We hope to be your partner, and with our strategies for growing businesses, to be your comfort provider and catalysts of positive change,” said Mpai.

Mpai further said Action Coach Botswana will draw from the lessons learned from across a vast global footprint of no less than 80 countries.

For her part, The Minister of Finance and Development Planning Peggy Serame offered government support to Action coach Botswana saying that means Botswana joins 88 other countries across the globe where Action Coach provides support to thousands of businesses, upholding its position of the world’s number One business coaching firm.

“Action Coach-Botswana is joining other players to provide the support needed by emerging firms, in pursuit of the critical objectives of Growing Businesses, Changing Lives, and Building Communities. Locally these players include LEA, CEDA, Tokafala, Business Botswana, National Development and the Botswana Chamber of Mines, to name a few, whose collective efforts are aimed at ensuring the sustainability and growth of the private sector. As Government, these are initiatives that we strongly support, as they seek to elevate the entrepreneurial spirit in the country, as well provide the benefits of employment creation and lessening the burden of economic support on Government. Broaden the economic base- export led economy; Knowledge based economy,” added Serame.

She also said in recent times government has witnessed significant disruptions to productive capacity, and consequent loss of income, in some key sectors of the Botswana economy, adding that the disruptions brought about by lockdown restrictions and other measures aimed at mitigating the spread of the Covid-19 virus, unfortunately dealt a serious blow to national productive capacity.

She added that government continues to implement initiatives and programmes that are geared towards empowering young people in businesses and skills development.

“To this end, 692 businesses worth Six-Seven million, one hundred and eighty-four thousand, five hundred and thirteen (P67, 184.513) owned by youth were funded by Government in the 2019/20 financial year, and this trend continues,” said Serame.


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