Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ad Cart launches trolley advertising in Botswana

Ad CART, in partnership with Smart Cart South Africa, has launched the “everyone has a right to good health” campaign in Botswana to advertise the Botswana Public Officer’s Medical Aid Scheme. The campaign is a perfect match for Ad Cart’s obtrusive advertising medium and will run for several months across various retailers in Botswana.

“Trolley advertising is the only medium that provides extreme focus adspace for the entire duration of the shopping experience because the trolley stays with the shopper from start to finish,” said Nani Forrester-Smith, MD of Ad CART.

In store advert is recognised internationally as the only ubiquitous form of advertising and is credited for being niche marketing reaching millions of households every year. Some of the noticeable shopping brands where Ad Cart adverts appear include Pick and Pay, Choppies, Shoprite/Checkers, OK and Supa Save.

Ad Cart’s initiative is being supported by its partnership with a South African company, Smart Cart. Smart Cart is the leading trolley advertising company in South Africa and currently holds a concession for over 250,000 trolleys in 400 shops. With a string of successful campaigns under Smart Cart’s belt, the BPOMAS should see outstanding results.

Smart Cart South Africa has also recently launched a new revolutionary shopping basket known as the Smart Basket into the retail market in South Africa. The Smart Basket which is aimed specifically at wholesalers and retailers is 34L in size and is designed to make shopping easy and enjoyable with favourable after effects for the adoptive store. International research found that the Smart Basket increases purchases by 23 percent, raises the average transaction value by 18 percent and increases the shopper’s time in store by 11 percent. And in the long run, a happy shopper is a loyal customer. From a practical perspective, the Smart Basket is an entirely satisfactory upgrade of an essentially existing shopping aid, user friendly in every respect; it is hygienic and has excellent capacity, maneuverability and stability. It can also be customised to meet the specific needs of the retailer.
The Smart Basket will be launched in Botswana by Ad Cart in the first quarter of 2008 and there will be a unique opportunity to advertise on the baskets in the various retailers.


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