Friday, September 18, 2020

Add value upfront!

Let me tell you this – you are in business for yourself whether you will agree with that or not.
I am saying this because the quality for your life and the money you earn grows in direct proportion to the quality of your service and the difficulty of replacing you. The biggest mistake that you can make is to think that you work for someone else and as a result begin to equate the quality of your output to the money you earn.

This is a very common and deadly mistake that a lot of smart people make, why, because they live under the mistaken assumption that they are employees. Yes it may seem on the surface that you work for someone else but ultimately you are a free agent who is responsible for not only the quality of your service but ultimately the quality of your life.

As a free agent results that you create are the things that speak for you. If you create results that are the envy of your peers you become valuable and sort-after in the area of business or industry in which you operate. That means that chances of you moving to the top ten percent of the people in your industry are very high. However, may I be quick to add that you have to have the desire to lift yourself above your mediocre peers who will be content with doing just enough to avoid being fired.

You see when it comes to employment most people do just enough not to get fired and as result they get paid just enough to stop them from leaving. Of course some people may differ on this and protest about how hard they are working and argue that some employers like to take advantage of employees.

Granted they may have a point, I will not argue with that, however, I am sure these people will also be the first to agree that generally speaking the better quality results your create the more you are likely to get paid. Even if you work for the lowest paying profession chances are that you will be the highest paid employee within the ranks of the lowest paid. Making sense?

That is why the ultimate responsibility of how far you go up your career ladder rests with you, not your boss or your wife. You can lift your self up if you so wish, you can determine what you become and where you want to go and begin to take action upon that which you have chosen to be the target of your focus. You can become better today at what you do than you were yesterday, and tomorrow you can still be better.

As free agent the ultimate responsibility to ensure that you enjoy your job rests with you, granted you may work for a lousy boss, but I want to submit to you that everyday that you spend at work is an exchange of the valuable days that are your life. Therefore to moan and complain about your boss is not only going to depress you but it is also going to contribute towards you creating lousy results. This is a sure way to ensure that your salary stays the same and that you get overlooked for a promotion.

If anything work your butt off so much such that people feel bad about the value that you are giving and they promote you out of guilt. Be the kind of person that adds so much value it’s insane, you know why; because most people are withholding their value add until they are promoted or until they get paid higher.

Therefore if you add value upfront you become the one in ten people that prove themselves through the results that they create before they ask for money. You see the thing is so many people ask for money upfront before they can do the work. For some reason this has become popular as a way of doing business. But the few enterprising people who understand the psychology of risk reversal progress much faster.

Look at it this way, in any human interaction or business transaction there is an element of risk involved in dealing with people. Therefore the key thing is to generally lessen the amount of perceived risk people have about dealing with you. People generally do not want anything to do with risk therefore if through the quality of your work you can prove yourself to be a less risky option chances are that you will be their number one choice.

To lessen the perceived risk and reservations that people may have about dealing with you, the best thing you can do is to consistently produce top notch results. To produce top notch results you must consistently upgrade your skills, your expertise and your competencies. As a free agent this is a choice you make because you realize that your life grows in direct proportion to the quality of your service and the difficulty of replacing you. Your mission as a free agent is to add so much value you become an indispensable asset to the consumers of your services. It doesn’t matter if you are carpenter or a petrol attendant.

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