Saturday, December 3, 2022

AFA donates a three-bedroom house worth P130 000

It is not everyday that we see a private company donating a three-bedroom house to the less privileged.

But last week, the Association Fund Administrators Botswana (AFA) surprised many people when they donated to the Family of Mojoruma in Letlhakeng Village, in Kweneng West, a three-bedroom house worth P130 000 as well as food hampers and clothes.
The Mojoruma family, who were now beaming with joy, has been staying in a mud hut which did not have a door, using a metal tank as a door.

AFA Botswana Marketing Manager, Tutu
Lenong, said their decision to build and donate this house stems from the innate belief that housing is a catalyst for poverty alleviation that cuts across almost every other indicator of human development. She said they firmly believe that decent housing will provide a sense of security and belonging for the 11 children.

“In support of the National Vision 2016 ideals, AFA Botswana has made a commitment to support challenged communities by offering a future filled with hope, hence the house of the Mojoruma family,” said Lenong. The Mojoruma family consists of eleven orphaned children, who are the sole responsibility of an aged, unemployed and indigent grandmother. According to Lenong their budget was P90 000 but, because of inflation, the budget ended up going up to P130 000.

With donations from AFA employees, Tutu Lenong, AFA Botswana Marketing Manager said they will be building a toilet for this family. “Sanitation is very important; therefore, we couldn’t just build this beautiful house and leave without providing a toilet. This is everybody’s business, regardless of who the child is, where she/he comes from, that is why we found it fit to dig in our pockets and raise a little amount to build them a toilet,” she said.

One of the Senior Officials of Masiela Trust Fund, Tselanngwe Matlhaku, noted that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel saying more people are now starting to take orphans seriously. “Botswana is always talking about compassion, and AFA Botswana has really shown it and has bettered the lives of these eleven orphans,” he said.

Matlhaku said that though food is very important, it does not help that much when there is no shelter.
Addressing the Mojoruma family, Matlhaku said it is not easy for people to get this kind of donation. He said that Masiela Trust Fund has built approximately 25 houses and none of them were like this three bedroom house.
“I’ve also seen house donations and most of them were two and halves. This one is undeniably the first of its kind.”

Matlhaku pointed out that there are about 55 000 registered orphans. “This number is very much alarming and we need help because there are still thousand of unregistered orphans out there. The question we should ask ourselves is: what are they doing, do they have food and shelter, are they going to school, aren’t they being abused both mentally, physically and sexually,” he said.

He appealed to Batswana to keep on giving a helping hand to those in need, and urged those who can to adopt orphans to help them live as any other children.
The MP for Letlhakane East, Gordon Mokgwathi, was also present at the handing-over occasion.

“Quoting from the Inauguration Speech by the President with reference to the third D (Dignity), ‘no one should need to live an undignified life as a result of poor shelter or health and abuse in a domestic environment. Anything in life that brings you suffering affects your dignity as a person and we shall seek to address and overcome some of these challenges,” said Mokgwathi when expressing his gratitude to AFA Botswana.


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