Friday, May 24, 2024

After rebranding, AGILEUM promises world class services

Officials from government departments, parastatals and the private sector convened at Cresta Lodge on Thursday last week to witness the unveiling of AGILEUM, formerly DCDM Consulting, as the information communications technology (ICT) company moved to reposition itself as a leader in the industry.

With the launch of AGILEUM, the newly re-branded multi-national reaffirmed its status as a leading ICT provider, shedding its former image under DCDM Consulting. The technology world is quickly becoming saturated and competition is intense, with new innovations emerging every day, a situation that challenged DCDM Consulting to under-go a much needed transformation that would enable it to meet the demands and challenges of the ICT world and cope with current trends in digital technology transformation.

“Our rebranding began as an evolution not a revolution. It was important for us to improve our digital technology offering and position our company as a world class services center, able to satisfy the needs and demands of our techno-savvy clientele,” said AGILEUM Country Director Dr Tjonga Selaolo.

AGILEUM’s re-branding and transformation started some five years back in 2010 as the company’s management felt that DCDM Consulting was no longer appealing and needed some change.

“Some people may ask why a change of name…It was borne largely from the realization that the digital revolution and transformation was upon us. We wanted to be part of this revolution. Some of our services were not quite representative of our brand and there was clearly a need for transformation,” she said.

After over 20 years in existence, the time was right for DCDM Consulting to embrace a name tag change and services transformation to enable it to resonate well with the ever changing customer needs and demands. AGILEUM’s new digital service lines include CLOUD, where the company implements both on-premise and CLOUD solutions including data. The company also offers a host of solutions to address its clients’ security concerns, while the data services line helps clients build, manage and analyze gigantic databases. Besides improving clients’ services and adapting to the modern working environment, the re-branding exercise was also aimed at improving staff knowledge, attitudes and delivery.

“We wanted change to provide innovative solutions…change to provide value added services to our clients; not least to have a unique identity that distinguishes ourselves from the clutter,” added Selaolo.

She further noted that companies that walk in tandem with technology developments and transformations have proven to be more profitable than those that don’t, and reassured stakeholders that AGILEUM will continue to penetrate more markets with its rigorous approach to digital technology transition. The company’s repositioning and transformation to become the leader in ICT was anchored on innovative missions and core values that include culture, creativity, customer, competence and commitment. With a notable footprint across Africa, in countries like Mauritius, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana, AGILEUM hopes to penetrate more African markets under the brand promise of flexible services and delivery.

The company currently employs over 30 staff members in Botswana. Noted Hugues Sauzier, AGILEUM partner responsible for Southern and Eastern Africa: “We are leaders in this transformation. Cloud, mobility, security and data form the substance of what we shall offer on top of our traditional offerings. Incidentally, there are a couple of mobile and web applications to which we are busy putting finishing touches. They will be launched in Botswana before the end of the year….so watch the space.”


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