Friday, June 21, 2024

Agora Club International to launch in Botswana

On 27 June 2015 a very worthy friendship and service club will officially charter under the umbrella of an Intercontinental organisation called Agora Club International. The charter conference will take place at 10 am on Saturday, at Oasis Motel. AGORA Club International is a service club for women from the age of 42 years (Non Past Ladies Circlers), 45 years (Past Ladies Circlers), and older with different professions, hobbies and interests. These ladies meet once a month to promote friendship, love, peace, tolerance, spread good will and also work towards worthy causes nationally and internationally. Women from other parts of the world will also participate in this gathering.

AGORA Club International is represented in many countries all over the world, working together in respect with Ladies’ Circle, Round Table and 41 Club International and Lions Club. Their aims and objectives of Agora Club International are to link together all National Associations of Agora Club International and to promote, co-ordinate and develop the friendship which unites them around the motto “Donner et Tol├®rer” (Service and Tolerance).

In 1987 a group of former members of Ladies’ Circle created the first Agora club in Lille, France. In 1988 the French National Board was founded, whilst the first club in the Netherlands was founded in 1993, followed by a club in Belgium the year after. In June 1996, the first Annual International Council took place in Strasbourg, France.

Today Agora Club International has clubs in Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Morocco, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, and Zambia. New Clubs are officially in formation in Madagascar and Malta, with other countries showing interest and now finally in our own country Botswana. The Agora Club Botswana’s aims and objectives are to Promote Friendship, Respect and give love among members. To promote moral and professional values among members, to organise social, charitable and cultural activities.

Members are women who participate in several interesting social, cultural and international activities. They help each other exchange ideas and travel abroad with women from other countries. Agora members come from Ladies’ Circle, and other interested women from diverse horizons sharing the same values. Every individual club in each country chooses its own composition, with the sole commitment that the members subscribe to the aims of Agora Club International and make an effort in achieving these.

Every local club meets monthly in a restaurant, or someone’s house or wherever is convenient. The activities differ per club and per country. Despite these differences all clubs learn from each other. This happens through lectures, discussions or exchanges abroad. There is of course plenty of time for recreation, sports and fun, with the possible participation of families and partners. Every year in October, an ACI Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held during the Agora International Conference. Any Full Member Country can apply to organise this 3-day International Conference. Membership is only possible upon invitation; however, should anyone be interested they are welcome to call Khurshida Khan at 71452163 or Kgomotso Tshekiso at 71682257.


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