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Aircraft movement records decrease in First Quarter

According to the summary of the Transport and Infrastructure Statistics for Quarter 1 of 2016 which have been released by Statistics Botswana, “there was a decline in both International and Domestic aircraft movements during Q1 2016 when compared to the previous quarter”.

International movements declined by 7.6 percent while Domestic movements dropped by 21.7 percent. According to the report, a total of 15,453 aircraft movement were recorded during Q1 2016. “Of which 28.6 percent were international movements while 71.4 percent were domestic movements. When compared to Q4, 2015, there was an 18.1 percent decrease in aircraft movements in Q1, 2016,” reads part of the report.

However, “When compared to Q1 2015, International movements increased by 4.6 percent while Domestic movements increased by 4.2 percent and total movements increased by 4.3 percent”.

The report further states that during Q1 2016, “Scheduled flights recorded 27.8 percent of the total aircraft movements. Non-scheduled and private movements recorded 68.6 and 3.6 percent of the aircraft movements respectively”. All movements recorded a decrease in the number of aircraft movements when compared to the previous quarter, Q4 2015.ort and Infrastructure Statistics

Stats Brief Quarter 1 of 2016

Gaborone handles mostly international movements, out of 4,358 aircraft movements during Q1 2016, 71.7 percent were International movements and the remaining 28.3 percent were domestic movements. Gaborone also “contributed 70.7 percent to the total international movements”. On the other hand, “Maun handled mostly domestic traffic, accounting for 92.1 percent of total traffic in Maun airport”.

With regards to air passenger movements recorded in Q1 2016, “159,526 passenger movements were recorded; this was a decrease of 13.3 percent when compared to the 183,940 recorded in Q4 2015. International and Domestic passenger movements constituted 57.8 and 42.2 percent respectively. Both types of movements recorded a decrease when compared to the previous quarter.

With regards to first car registrations, the number of vehicles in the country has been increasing at the average rate of 9.4 percent for the past 10 years. “During the quarter under review, Q1 2016, 10,451 first registrations were recorded and 73.4 percent of these were passenger cars. First registrations increased by 13.5 percent when compared to the same quarter of the previous year, Q1 2015”.


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