Friday, March 31, 2023

Alan Kay album launch slated for August

It seems like Gospel is the new Black. Gospel music has undergone a kind of revolution that has made praising God a legitimate and lucrative business involving contracts, bills and bookings. It takes great talent to sing gospel music considering the more ‘appealing’ kwaito, motswako, pop and hip hop music that many people are fascinated with.

Youthful upcoming gospel singer, Alan Kay has caught a ride on this parade and is soaring as his singles can be heard on all local radio stations proving a substantial build up towards his official launch scheduled for August this year at one of Gaborone’s hottest spots for artists, The Westwood International Auditorium.

“We chose Westwood International because of its amazing acoustics. The way it’s built will allow the audience to be in full view of the performance regardless of where they are sitting,” explained Alan. Not new to the industry, Alan explained to The Telegraph that his relationship with music, specifically gospel, began back in the year 2000 when he joined the Apostolic Faith Mission, hence his choice to sing gospel. He however explained that he is not confined to gospel and has previously collaborated with artists from other ‘secular’ genres as Alan calls them citing the 2013 ‘Re Mmogo’ single titled Tsaya Tshwetso where he worked with Lizibo, T.H.A.B.O and MMP family.

Another unique thing that Alan brings to the scene is the presence of ‘Big’ international artists to avoid an incident where he cannot take full responsibility for drawing a full house to the show. “These big artists come and steal our limelight and I want to create my own fan base that came out to see me.” According to Alan his promoters were initially against the idea but he eventually convinced them so far as to even have an all Motswana live band performing with him, “To nurture Batswana’s talent.”

On what to expect Alan stated that the audience should expect a power packed show with out of the ordinary international standards performance. Since he has a background in media and production, Alan understands the importance of not compromising with lighting and sound to give the attendants their money’s worth.

On another tangent, Alan stated that in the future he intends to go corporate and engage organisations to take part in their corporate social responsibility through his music, “Musicians somehow manage to raise funds through performances and album sales but hardly give back to their community.” He further stated that Gospel artists often shy away from acknowledging the business perspective but they are also in a business and have bills to pay.

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance for the Lord with Alan Kay.


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