Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Alice in Wonderland mesmerises Maitisong audience

This past weekend Maitisong played host to a Risa Ballet production that brought the story of Alice in Wonderland on stage. It was a showcase that marked the height of youth talent, as students came from various primary and secondary schools to perform the famous tale on stage.

Students from Rainbow, Thornhill, Westwood and Maru a Pula, amongst others, graced the Maitisong stage with a two-hour extravaganza. Whilst all the performers put on a credible performance, it was Marothodi Ntseane who put on a great spectacle as she demonstrated extraordinary balance and poise on stage.
She was a class above the other dancers, and she was present in three

In an interview, seven-year-old Rainbow student, Naya Foster, told The Telegraph that she was happy with her performance and glad that 10 weeks of preparation had paid off.

“I enjoyed the event a lot especially the part when the older students were performing but the little girls also did a good a job,” said a member of the audience. “I was also very impressed by the music; it just goes to show Botswana has come a long way with artistry.”

The costume designs were also very exotic and appealing, some Chinese outfits, card playing suits and Indian costumes were just some of the more elaborate costumes that kept the audience glued to their seats.

The Indian dancers roused the most interest as they flowed with the rhythm of their music and captivated their audience.

Though Ntseane won many hearts and received a resounding applause with her performance, the biggest cheer went to the young Alice who was the last to bow in front of the audience.

The sold out shows on both Friday and Saturday was filled with parents and children and friends who were there to encourage the performers.

Judging by the talent that was on display over the weekend at Maitisong, Botswana has a very promising future in the field of ballet.


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