Saturday, December 3, 2022

Alleged apartheid-era commandos’ aide sues government

A former Botswana Police Officer who was accused of trying to help some apartheid era commandos escape from the Gaborone Central Prison,
Kebakile Matere, is suing the Directorate of Public Prosecution for P750, 000 for failure to prosecute him on time. The judge who was scheduled to preside over the case, Abednico Tafa, has recused himself from the matter because he had dealt with the case in his previous job.

Tafa had apparently dealt with the case whilst he was still Deputy Attorney General and before he resigned to sit on the bench. A letter from Tafa to Matere showed that Tafa agreed with Matere’s version of the story that the then Attorney General Chambers and currently DPP had failed to prosecute him on time. After this, the case was postponed to September. Matere won the right for this matter to be heard in the last court of Appeal session in January. The DPP had opposed the application arguing that Matere had no right to be heard.
The case arose from the matter in which Matere, then working as a policeman in Gaborone, is alleged to have tried to help some apartheid era commandos to escape from the Gaborone Central Prison.

This is not the first time that Matere is suing the DPP. In the past, he sued for torture and won P87, 000. That happened after he was arrested in connection with the death of a Motokwe farmer close to ten years ago. Some men were tried and convicted for the murder. Both Matere and his lawyer, Onkagetse Pusoentsi, refused to comment on the matter saying, “Let’s wait for September.”
Charles Gulubane is representing the DPP.


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