Sunday, March 3, 2024

Alliance for Progressives; a seed of hope

The days are now come, the child much talked about is born, every home steed ululates the coming of the young messiah. The Alliance for Progressives (AP) occupies its legitimate place in the political arena, a member equal in status with other opposition political parties in Botswana. For certain,  AP and other opposition political parties are tasked by Batswana to remove the ‘Domkrag Party’ from power, of course through the ballot box.  A regime change can only come about in 2019 should the opposition create a united front to face a common enemy (‘se ke kakanyo e kgolo betsho’, food for thought).

As a new political party in the country, AP  needs to gather strength, pull resources together,  extend its mandate  to the electorate, lay down its road map.  AP should ensure that policies and programmes are  understood by all Batswana particularly from the day of its inception. ‘Tshimologo ya mokgatlho ga se diketo’, it is mammoth task to undertake.

Simply, it is a political party whose membership embraces proper thinking people, people who shun  ‘boot licking’ a current trend which seems to characterise a good number of people in Botswana. Membership extends to citizens who believe in openness, whose direction and intent is to nurture democracy at all costs. ‘Go dirwa jalo ka go itlhotlhora dinoga’, for quite some time, political parties have harboured snakes without realising it, experience has so far taught us a lesson.

A proper system must  be designed and developed so that applications for membership are accordingly screened. ‘Domkrag Party’ wants to stay in power, ‘ba botlhale thata’ ba ka re tlisetsa megogoduma go re phatlalatsa ‘Once bitten twice shy’ so says the Englishman. Motswana a re ‘lesilo ga le nke le tshwara nnetlu… ga bedi’. ‘Bo mogoma’ with ‘a golden tray in their hands’,  source funds behind the scenes, and that make them capable of  becoming  ‘bulls in a China shop’. What else?

Remember,  AP  is a political party that welcomes people who are mature in thought, ‘batho ba dikakanyo tse di bonalang’,  advocates for  genuine change, advocates for proper economic  development,  advocates for genuine democracy. Tswelelopele being ‘the be all and end all’. What else?

AP strongly supports women and men who are mature and competent. It promotes  characters of good standing, and whose contribution can benefit the society. Should leadership in government become reckless and corrupt, it is the responsibility of elected members to promptly react to the situation and provide proper guidance ‘e seng ba ba tshosiwang ka tlhogo ya noga e sule’. Batswana sent ‘malope’ le ‘dinoga’ to Parliament in 2014 because they thought ‘bo ntlhopheng bao’ were genuine characters. The Alliance for Progressives gives the masses the opportunity to vote into office people with sound and genuine character. What else?

Days are gone when unknown people were ushered in simply to meet political ends of interested personalities. AP believes in participatory democracy, a situation that allows  people to have a say in political activities. Indeed by so doing ‘ke yone Tswelelopele’.

The same rule should apply to people who seek to be voted into office at local level. Obviously an unknown character in an area, whose participation in the affairs of the party is questionable, ideally should not be allowed to run for office. ‘Ba ke bone dinoga tse di senang megatla’.

A genuine representative should familiarise himself/herself with the party constitution, be able to interpret clauses as outlined in various articles. Otherwise ‘moswi o rwele motshidi Presently AP needs PEOPLE who are proactive, dynamic and people who are ready to learn. What else?

AP needs to commend the Youth of this country for their full participation in the 2014 general elections. They played a vital role that sent ‘nkuku’ panicking. It is not late yet, there is still a great opportunity for change. There is need to gather courage and strength, there is  need to be prepared emotionally. ‘Kana ha diphiri di kabo di seyo baswi ba kabo ba ya kae’. AP needs your support more than ever. The opportunity is galore, the opposition stands to win in 2019. ‘Banana thusang ka go epa ba re katelang re ba ntsi’.

To other opposition parties; a  baby is born, the ‘delivery was natural’ so says the midwife. Protect it against all odds, it is delicate, the child is your sibling, it is still finding its feet, accept him for ahead lies a monster whose gnawing teeth are ready to tear it apart for dinner. But remember, ‘Little David had Goliath’s head for dinner’. The Philistines had to run  for their lives as there was no hiding place for them.

Remember, the colour is purple like a blossoming tree, the colour is attractive, romantic, delicate, and yet humble. This depicts the character and nature of the Alliance for Progressives. AP, a Seed of Hope.



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