Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Ambassador Seretse markets local businesses

Botswana’s Ambassador to the United State America, Tebelelo Seretse, says Botswana needs to be recognized internationally as a preferred destination for international investors as well as to benchmark with world economy super powers globally.

Hosting the American Black Chamber of Commerce business delegation this week, Seretse said that the aim of the trade mission was to facilitate opportunities for potential partnerships, investments, joint ventures, networking and establishing contacts between local businesses and American businesses. She stated that it is important for the private sector to meet in order to exchange innovative ideas, prospective business leads and potential partnerships are bound to happen.

Seretse also observed that a lot of private companies have shown interest for expansion and have potential.

“Seeing the economic empowerment and impact such visit brings to the country only encourages us to strengthen the advocacy role and to continue to take the lead in investment,” said Seretse.

She said it is of importance to make Botswana a trade hub, align skill development with social and economic needs. Seretse further stated that she encourages local and international participation and also learning from other professional across the world.

She stated that the USA has a wider variety of sectors of the economy, which are advanced in many ways, and also have good reputation and accredited.

She emphasized that both public and private sectors are devising policies and strategies to ensure that the quality of life becomes an enticing incentive to invest in Botswana.

The US head of delegation, Robert Shumake, has expressed willingness to engage Botswana business community to increase business strength and influence globally. He stated that the delegation is keen to establish strong links with BOCCIM for the private sector and added that what is required is strong leadership with a clear vision.

Shumake said the private sector and government should partner for meaningful engagement and for jobs creation.

“Private sector should not rely on government for assistance since Botswana has a good and conducive environment,” he said.

Shumake pointed out that their mission is to expand and deliver their services in Africa, which Botswana is part of, to ensure economic growth. He added that good performance of Botswana’s economy sends clear signals that Botswana is ready to compete at all levels of human endeavor.


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