Thursday, March 4, 2021

Angry crowd threatens couple accused of killing child

An unmarried couple accused of killing their son has, for the second time around, been remanded in custody as an angry crowd stormed the court premises, threatening to take the law into their own hands and revenge the loss of an innocent life.

Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Bulayani met his death with fingers pointing at his own mother and step-father; the parents had accused the youngster of coming home late from school.

A fuming crowd, mostly women, converged on the Broadhurst Magistrate Court and menacingly milled around in and outside court whenever Shathani Bulayani and her lover, Oankabetse Modisagape, appeared for mention.

The women were highly incensed that a mother could commit such a brutal crime and kill her own child.

Before magistrate Daniel Nkau on Monday, public prosecutor Bonno Molatlhegi echoed the same sentiments he expressed at a previous mention, asking for a remand warrant, fearing for the lives of the two having seen how angry the crime had made the community.

“Our stance remains the same. We are particularly concerned about the safety of the accused persons on whom the angry public wants to take revenge as evidenced by their astounding presence in and outside court,” Molatlhegi advised the court.

For his part, the lawyer representing Bulayani concurred with the arguments raised by the prosecution although he indicated he will apply for bail at the next mention, should the public’s tempers have died down.

“Our stance for bail application would only be dictated by the situation prevailing then,” Gabriel Kajabanga informed the court.

Convinced by the points brought forward by the prosecution, Nkau remanded the couple in custody and they were whisked away to the back of court premises, away from the menacing crowd.

As regards the mental health of the accused persons, who are known for violent tendencies, Molatlhegi intimated to court the couple would soon be sent to Lobatse Mental Hospital to assess their condition.

The next mention is scheduled for 21st November.


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