Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Angry rioters smash Botswana vehicles.

Angry rioters in Dikaneng in the North West province of South Africa are allegedly targeting and smashing Botswana registered vehicles.

In one of such disturbing incidents, a Lobatse resident was caught by the angry mob, which pulled him out of his vehicle and poured used car oil all over his body before smashing his vehicle.

In a telephone interview with the Sunday Standard, the South African police spokesperson in the North West Province, Superintendent Lesogo Metsi, said that he had warned Batswana who are using the Ramotswa border post to be extra careful when using Dinokaneng Lehurutshi road, advising them to use alternative roads since there are some villagers who are smashing vehicles that pass along the road.

Metsi said in the latest incident, a white Motswana man from Lobatse had his car smashed and had used oil poured all over him.

He said that a few weeks ago, a Botswana-registered truck carrying vegetables was looted along Dinokaneng Lehurutshi road on its way to Botswana but no suspects have yet being arrested.

Metsi said they will do what it takes to ensure that motorists using that road are safe always.


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