Monday, February 26, 2024

Another dimension of ‘Cutrite’ Moeng: A poetry anthology

Kenneth “Cutrite” Moeng may be well renowned for his media charisma and his rise to fame as a multi-talented entertainer, but not many people know his poetic side. 

He will be publishing his first anthology titled The Peril Of A Saint on April 6. 

He says his passion for the arts has spilled to most creative disciplines, which has in turn made him eager to explore the different facets. 

From being an actor, musician to a comedian, producer, writer and MC, his talent is quite abundant. Moeng was also the chairperson of the acclaimed poetry group, “Exodus Live Poetry”. “I have been writing from as far back as my secondary school days. Over the years, I have perfected my love and art of creative writing,” he states.

The book, according to Moeng, explores themes such as spirituality, hope, despair, love, romance, leadership, pessimism and sexuality. 

“The book is intended to wake the spirit buried deep inside you. I would say it is emotive, sad, shocking, makes you cry, laugh, feel inspired and above all, it empowers you to imagine and think beyond measure,” explains Moeng.  

He warns that as relatable as the themes are, the anthology does have parental advisory and is more suited to an audience of 18 years and older. 

As for the tone of the book, issues such as broadening your thinking perspective,

seeking a better understanding of God surface as you read the chapters. He highlights that the inspiration behind some of these issues are challenges he confronted throughout his life and career.

“I recommended this anthology to young readers, scholars reading for undergraduate degrees and anyone old enough to content with the heavy content that varies in tone, style, logic, reasoning and at times untapped mental capacity. The book has a female skew but should be read by both men and women,” says Moeng.

The collection will also be available on Amazon. 


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