Monday, May 23, 2022

Anti-drug abuse campaign underway

Illicit drug usage is extremely rife in the age group of 25 to 54 which makes up 37.61 percent of Botswana’s population.

Tumelo “Tutsana” Sengawane, who is the founder of campaign Drugs Are Not Cool Movement, finds the deafening silence on the growing usage of drugs among the youth highly concerning, resulting in dire consequences.

“My movement is about raising awareness about the lethal outcomes of illegal drugs so that we can prevent those who have not starting using them and rescue those who are in the deep end of addiction,” he states.

Having gone through his own challenges and an incarceration, Sengawane says his experiences have enlightened him to push for change. “While I was incarcerated in 2015, I took it upon myself to make a difference because I felt the need to make a positive contribution to my community.

I continue to lose many friends to this destructive habit,” explains Sengawane, The pull of drugs is strong, yet little is being proactively done to curb those in the grip of addition, says Sengawane.

He states that drug use resonates to everyone as it is rapidly affecting many families.

“Most families struggling with a loved one battling from drug abuse are still reluctant to look for help because of the stigma attached to illicit drugs. We need to have an honest dialogue about what is going on,” he adds.

Asked whether he was keen on collaborating with anyone to amplify the reach of the campaign, Sengawane says his door is open to everyone.

“This campaign is accessible to everyone who is concerned about those battling forms of addiction. We also want to work towards an affordable or free rehabilitation centre from the government that deals with

such issues.”

Sengawane also expressed that the response had been good so far as the feedback is positive. “Batswana must take responsibility and make this pledge to show that we are against the distribution of drugs and drug abuse, among people, especially school children, teenagers and the youth as they are the future of our nation. We sign this pledge to show that we are ready to lend a helping hand to those who are suffering, and also that we will do our best to stop anyone from taking such substances,” he states.

For more information on the campaign, visit Facebook page ‘Drugs Are Not Cool’.


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