Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Appreciate yourself this 2012

This is the beginning of a brand new year with bigger and better opportunities, a time for us to set our goals straight and figure out exactly what we need to improve in our lives and succeed.

We have memories to make, people to meet, new places to see and a life to live. The message for this year is for all of us to appreciate who we are and to work our way up while doing so.

The best person you could ever be is yourself. Whatever form or shape you’re in, accept it and live your life the best way that you possibly can.

Do not let anyone set standards for you because only you know what your limits are. As a person you need to appreciate the way that you are, your life and achievements, what you have regardless of how big or small and the people you have in your life because somewhere, someone out there wishes that they were you.

Being human is a pretty complex thing no matter how perfect our lives may seem to be; there are days and times when we feel inadequate but still maintain to be normal.

We have all grown up under different conditions; we have faced judgment from others because they don’t understand us. We have struggled in some way or other.

One important fact is that we should never forget our struggles because somehow they taught us how to live and motivated us to be better persons.

On the other hand, this should not keep us from moving forward and being who we truly are.
There will always be those people in our lives who always try to get the better of us but what I have learnt is that the best revenge is to continue being better that them, being nice to them and to remain where the top begins.

One of our visions for the year 2016 is to have a responsible nation. Regardless of the way we grew up, what we do with our lives is up to us. We need to take the responsibility to lead ourselves in the right direction and lead a good life. We cannot all be equal; there has to be people above us, same level as us and people below us.

Whenever you fall, accept it and appreciate that we, at times, do fall as we move forward. If you are below what you feel is your standard, do something to better yourself rather than being bitter to those who are above you.

Appreciate yourself and the things you cannot change, as we were all made different for a reason.


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