Sunday, May 26, 2024

Arone not ashamed of joining BDP

Former Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Member of Parliament for Okavango Bagalatia Arone is proud of his decision to join the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Arone was officially welcomed to BDP over the weekend by President Ian Khama during the launch of BDP candidate for Kelemogile ward Best Mosadi in Ramotswa.

“I am standing before you not ashamed of my decision to join the BDP. I am from the opposition party and I am joining the ruling party,” Arone said when Khama gave him an opportunity to greet the electorates who attended the launch.

He said everybody was surprised when he took a decision to join the BDP. He assured President Khama and the leadership of the BDP that he was not coming alone. He was accompanied by his 2014 campaign manager who also is said to have joined the ruling BDP.

Arone said he consulted Batswana in his constituency and they assured him that they will follow his footsteps because they trust him and they know he can only take a decision for a good reason and for the benefit of his constituency.

“I consulted my constituents and told them that there was no secrecy in my decision in joining the BDP. I told them that I can only lead them to the truth. I am here, I am a member of the BDP and we will work for this party. There is still no alternative. We cannot give government to Umbrella for Democratic Change because Umbrella is made of different parties with different ideologies,” said Arone.

Arone also urged the people of Ramotswa to vote Best Mosadi on the 16th July 2016 as he is the only candidate who understands the lives of the people in Kelemogile ward.

Taking the podium another former BCP member Lotty Manyapetsa could not hide his happiness that his former colleague has joined the BDP.

“I am a happy man. Arone is my friend. When I was youth President he was my deputy and he was singing the same songs that I was singing. I know him. He does not need anything to take on the enemy. He is the man who understands the lives of the people. He is hard working,” said Manyapetsa.

Manyapetsa said him and Arone left the opposition because they were tired of identifying problems within the government but failing to come up with suggestions and solutions to solve the problems. He said opposition only knows to celebrate when the country is faced with challenges.

He continued that there is no democracy within opposition.

“Go and ask UDC where they held a congress that elected Boko as the leader of the UDC. They never did that. But Boko elected himself the President of the UDC. He was endorsed by his friends. He was never democratically elected to power. Are you saying this kind of people can rule this country?” said Manyapetsa.

Furthermore Manyapetsa said nobody can trust the BCP because it is failing to respect the same constitution that is governing the party.

When he concluded Manyapetsa also urged the people of Ramotswa to vote Best Mosadi because he is the only option they have.


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