Wednesday, July 6, 2022

AT & T Monnakgotla introduces Bus Pre-Paid fare System

AT & T Monnakgotla Transport Services have introduced a system in which the public would be paying the bus fare ahead for a period of a month.

“The main aim is to retain money in advance and help conductors from handling huge cash because some people squash their fare before it is month end,” said the Public Relations Officer for AT & T Monnakgotla Group of Companies, Ditso Modiradilo.

Modiradilo said the customers (passengers) would have to buy a ticket leaflet having 44 pages at P350, which is “a return ticket having 22 working days” and added that they have realised that most people do not travel to Gaborone every day and therefore 22 days would be enough to go up to month end.

Modiradilo explained that so far the system has been introduced on the Molepolole Gaborone and Mochudi Gaborone routes. She said they look forward to introducing the system on other routes.

Modiradilo highlighted that the ticket leaflet has been discounted. She cited an example with Molepolole.

“Passengers pay P12.50 cash but shall pay P8.50, a discount of P3.50,” she said. Modiradilo said the money is not refundable and if anybody looses the ticket leaflet he/she would have lost P350 but if it is lost and somebody is caught using it, the owner may get a free replacement of it of the days left. She explained that upon losing it, the owner must report so that they could scratch it out and another one could be issued if the passenger is able to pay again.

Modiradilo said if the owner of the ticket leaflet wants to allow a family member, friend or who ever, she/he must show up physically at the bus offi8ces to confirm if they are permitting the ticket to be used by another person. She said they must do so by producing their identities.

Modiradilo added that the ticket has the owner’s name and identity number.

”In the case of a return ticket, the information can just be passed to all our buses,” said Modiradilo. “There is no age restriction, even the foreigners can buy then, provided they produce their Ids.”


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