Thursday, August 18, 2022

Australia may have a Setswana speaking Prime Minister

Australia may have a Setswana speaking Prime Minister with a Motswana sister ? in- law.

That is if Australia?s Labour Party leader and election front runner Kevin Rudd wins the forthcoming federal elections. Kevin Rudd?s brother, Greg Rudd, a former ministerial advisor under Paul Keating?s government married a Motswana woman, Okhola in 2003 and Kevin was the main speaker at the wedding.

According to Australia?s popular newspaper, The Australian, Kevin, who is also Leader of Opposition, spoke in Setswana at the wedding. Rudd is strongly tipped to win the Australian elections following sitting Prime Minister John Howard?s recent poll slump.

According to media reports, Howard?s government?s standing in the polls has slumped over the past three months, after Labour elected the youthful Kevin Rudd as leader in December.

A Reuters Poll Trend analysis of the main published opinion polls in Australia on Thursday found personal support for Howard in March at its lowest level in 12 years, with Rudd opening up a 10.9-point lead as preferred prime minister.

The Poll Trend analysis also found Labour had a 16.1-point lead over Howard?s Liberal/National government on a two-party basis, where minority votes are distributed to the two main parties and ultimately decide an election.

News poll, Morgan and AC Nielsen, this week also confirmed a strong trend to Rudd and Labour.
Rudd, who is 49, is three years Greg?s junior.


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