Sunday, November 27, 2022

Avoid those fashion blunders

The festive season is more about being happy, outgoing and spending more time with friends and family than any other season of the year.

We express our joy through a variety of ways such as partying, travelling, shopping, dressing up and a whole lot more.

Among these activities or events there are those ones which cannot be avoided even by those people who do not like going out much. Such activities are friends or family weddings and office parties, and because of these most people will find themselves faced with the question of what to wear.

Under the pressure to look good a lot of fashion blunders take place and a lot of them are very obvious blunder.

The best way to avoid the blunders is to be very familiar with your body’s problem areas and to avoid over exposing these problem areas. Avoid buying clothing which does not suit your body or putting together of outfits which do not suit your body. Batswana women are blessed with amazing hips and bottoms and we all thank God for that because these give the body a very beautiful shape, but these kind of bodies can have a few problems, with time these beautifully shaped bodies start developing bellies and love handles and these require one to be very cautious when putting together an outfit because fashion blunders can easily occur.

The kind of body mentioned above can be perfectly enhanced with tightly fitting pants, skirts and dresses but these perfectly fitting clothes also get to squeeze the belly and love handles hence ruining the entire look.

It looks perfect for a lady with curves and a shapely midsection to wear skinny jeans and a tight top but its looks wrong for someone with a belly and or love handles to put on the same kind of outfit because the jeans squeeze out the love handles, over exposing them and the tight top will also over expose the belly.

However, this does not mean that bigger size women cannot enjoy the benefits of tight fitting jeans because the right top will perfectly solve this fashion blunder. Because the problem is the waist line it can be solved by a top that is loose along the waist, this will hide the belly and love handles and just show the beautiful curves enhanced by the tight jeans.

A tight dress is also a perfect way to dress and enhance the beautiful curves but if the body has a belly the perfect shape loses some of its perfection. There are certain tight dresses with loose flaps over the belly and some which are totally loose on the upper part and hugging around the hips, these are the perfect solution for somebody who wants to enhance their curves in a dress without the belly getting in the way.

Another common blunder is that of wearing tight pants of a light fabric such as cotton or linen when the person has cellulite on the bottom because the cellulite will form dimples on the pants, another problem that is similar to this one is that of a floppy bottom, the light materials such as cotton and linen are unable to hold the bottom firmly up hence ruining the entire look.

The solution to this problem is to wear pants of a harder fabric such as denim because they reduce the appearance of cellulite on the bottoms and they firmly hold the bottoms up making even the floppy ones look tight.

Wearing a bra that is too loose and failing to hold the breasts firmly up can also ruin somebody’s look.

It becomes even worse if the body has a big belly because when the belly and the breasts that are not held firmly up combine the entire upper level of the body loses its good appearance.

But just like all other blunders this one is easy to correct as well, wearing a perfectly fitting bra is the solution, when the breasts are held up and in a tight position the upper body’s appearance improves even if the person has a belly.

There are a whole lot of other fashion blunders that people do on a daily basis but they can be easily avoided, all it takes is to love your body and your appearance enough to put a bit of more effort into them.


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