Thursday, January 20, 2022

Award winning rapper Zeus drops ‘Touch the Sky’

Ever since he dropped that famous single, Imagination, Zeus has been a regular in the local music scene, dropping hit after hit and cementing himself as one of the most successful rappers to ever come out of Botswana. In Imagination, Zeus rapped about getting down and dirty with a super hot skin younger girl. Over the years, the rapper has come of age, both as a person and an artist, and the lyrics of his new single ‘Touch the Sky’ bear testimony to that.

In the song, which will make its official debut on Yarona FM today (Sunday), Zeus raps from a more responsible, paternal, and motivational perspective. He did the song for the SKY movement for which he is an ambassador. This time he doesn’t talk about getting down and dirty, but rather encourages ‘ma-14′ to take care and be responsible.

“I try to create music that is inspiring. The feel good kinda music that also emphasises taking responsibility for one’s actions,” said Zeus at a listening session for the new single. The song will be released in two versions. There is the original version, with some more up-tempo electro beats to resonate with the teenage market. That version has an electric, clubby rush.

“Music does not have to be informational for it to play an influential role. As much as it passes a strong message on a particular subject, a song also has to be enjoyable. You can dance and still get the message while at it,” said Zeus.

The remix, however, is the exact opposite. The gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar gives more prominence to the lyrics. Also, as much as the message is targeted at teenagers, the song also has potential to appeal to the older generation. Zeus says he needed to walk on the teenage girls’ shoes for him to come up with the lyrics to the song and his niece was more than helpful.

“She taught me a lot about what it’s like to be a teenage girl,” he said. The music, Zeus explained, is about pushing teenage girls to do good, carve their own identity and be themselves. SKY spokesperson, Thandi Tumelo, said they aim to make the movement accessible to all teenage girls from every corner of Botswana. She said they will exploit every platform through which they can reach teenage girls across the country, including Facebook, SKY magazine and other media.

“We want to create a robust network for all young girls so that we can address all girl issues. And we want SKY to remain for girls and by girls,” she said.

SKY is a community of girls who have taken a vow to remain true to themselves through the choices they make. The name SKY is an acronym for ‘Shapo Ka Yone’and ‘Sure Ka Yone’.


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