Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Babe, it ain’t true. Marion, it ain’t true!

It ain’t true babe. Please, say it ain’t true. Why did they do this to you. Who did this to you. Show me who did this to you. Ever since the news broke I have not eaten. I don’t sleep. I survive on water only. I have stopped going to work.

To me, life has lost all meaning. It’s all over. They knew how to get me. By getting you, my enemies finally got me. I am at a point where life is not worth living. For all these years, I have lived for you.

I lived for a time when you and I would finally be together. Those who know me will tell you that you are my greatest love. I never doted on a woman like I do on you. Right from the Sydney Olympics when you became the greatest female sprinter ever, you have been mine. I remember at the time you were married to that giant shot-putter, CJ Hunter. I never liked CJ Hunter. For one, he was involved in a useless sport which no one ever watches. I could never understand how a graceful girl like you with the cherubic face made right in heaven could find that man attractive. But there you were with him, smiling for the cameras and looking in love. To say I was jealous would be to put it mildly. I hated that man with a passion. I would sometimes think of hiring some Zimbos to go and kill him. But this place is far from America. How would the Zimbos get to America. But what upset me most about you and CJ Hunter was the thought of your tiny, petite body under that hulk of a man. I imagined him squashing my babe to death. I was elated when you finally realised he was a loser who had to be ditched. But that was only after he was discovered to be a drugs cheat. However, before I could start celebrating you had taken up with another man. Much as I love you, it would seem you fall in and out of love too quickly. It seems you can’t live without sex.

I mean I would have thought after CJ Hunter, you would take a break. My next misery was Tim Montgomery. Okay, he was a sprinter and went on to smash the world record. But there was something suspicious about him. I still recall the letter I wrote you on this very page warning you about that man. You did not listen. I just did not trust him. And I trust my instincts. For a fleeting period you and Tim were the golden couple of track and field. I could only sit here, sulk, and wait. Then it was announced you were taking time out because you were pregnant with Tim’s child. That time I almost went back to my village to live as a recluse. What was the point. The thought of you in bed with that man was bad enough. Now you had to have a child with him. Some of my friends advised me to forget about you. What they said made sense. But blinded by my love for you, I did not listen. They warned that you would cause me more heartache.

Then Tim got into trouble. As I had predicted like CJ Hunter before him, he was found to have used steroids to achieve his world record. I wrote you a letter, again on this very page, reminding you of my earlier warning about Tim. In that letter I also asked you to assure me you had not used steroids. Looking at you, there was no way you could use that stuff. The talent was there for all to see. All you needed was some training and with that angelic smile, the world could not catch you. Nay the world could not catch us. I was sad when you missed the last Olympics in Athens because of the injury. In your absence I still loved you. But earlier this year I got such a pleasant surprise when I saw you back on the track. I hummed a tune that says my babe is back. And now this! I really don’t know what to do. You are on television every evening.

People are gloating and celebrating your downfall. Our downfall! They call you a cheat. They call you a liar. They even forced you to return all the medals you won. They are going to expunge all your records. It’s a tragic time. In the midst of it all, devastated, I sit alone at home, unable to eat and surviving on water. If you were to see me I have lost so much weight. I tried calling you via the American embassy here but they wouldn’t give me your number. I wonder if George Bush should step in and stop all this nonsense. I mean this is clearly a witch-hunt. Babe I am grieving. I am in mourning. That picture of you crying will forever be etched in my mind. I know they are lying.

They set you up. They were jealous of your success and stunning looks. To get at me they went for you. Now they have destroyed us both. But I know this is a nightmare. It’s a bad dream. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and everything will be fine. It ain’t true Marion. Babe it ain’t true!


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