Thursday, February 29, 2024

Bak 2 Skul bash raves up the fans

The 1st of January saw revelers come back to town to attend the annual Bak 2 Skul bash which takes place at Gaborone North.

Comprising of both the young and old, clad in different school uniforms, the revelers came in large numbers and filled the farm to capacity to celebrate 9 years of the bash.

Filled with both local and foreign Dj’s, the bash did not disappoint and continued until the sun rose as norm.Dj Doms took the crowd by storm, playing a set of old school Kwaito, which many enjoyed and seemed to relate to.

However, the same could not be said by popular Dj Fresh who failed to leave a mark that had been expected.

Black Motion took the stage and brought back life as they delivered a breath-taking performance that saw the crowd wanting more. A few hours later, Zakes Bantwini took to the stage around 5 am but did not ooze with his usual energy and dance moves. However, that did not dampen the spirits of the crowd as they cheered and shouted their lungs out for him.

A first time attendee of the show, Tumalano Mokalake, said that she enjoyed the show because she had fun in a different, new way. The obviously excited young lady said that she was over the moon because her older sister had given her a VIP access ticket where she had a chance to have her picture taken with Dj Fresh.

She asserted that next year she is going to make plans well in time so that she enjoys Bak 2 Skul to the maximum.

Another young woman who attended the bash, Chandapiwa Bushman, said she was taken aback by the crowd that had come because last year less people had attended the show. She added that next year she won’t miss the show because it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, which means there will be more in store for Bak 2 Skul lovers.

Speaking to Sunday Standard one of the organizers of the bash, Taolo Entaile, said that the show had actually made a comeback as compared to the year before when the turnout was disappointing.

Entaile said that last year they had competition from another show held on the same day and they had also hiked the prices which in turn affected the show. He, however, said that they were quite happy with the show this year because it had managed to pick up. Entaile also said that because the show attracts a unique crowd, there are barely cases that give the police on patrol at the show a problem.

The fun did not just stop after the main event; there was an after party hosted at Kagisong Centre the day after the main event.

The after party, which started in the afternoon, had the crowd come in large numbers with their camp chairs and just enjoyed the music. The lineup of Dj’s did not disappoint as they had those present eating out of the palms of their hands. Local Dj’s such as Malcolm Kitz, O’Neal and Mr O warmed up the stage before Liquid Deep and eventually Black Coffee performed.


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