Monday, August 15, 2022

Bangwaketse budget millions for Kgosi Malope’s enthronement

The Bangwaketse Royal house’s preparations for Kgosi kgolo Malope’s enthronement are at an advanced stage with the organizing committee involved in heavy fund raising.

The coordinator of the main steering committee, Kruger Balosang, said the target for the event is about P2 million, adding that they strongly feel that they have made sufficient inroads towards their target.

Balosang, however, did not disclose how much has been raised to date as that report must be first declared to the main committee by fund-raising committees. He said the meeting was held last Thursday to brief all stakeholders.

Balosang stated that the Bangwaketse Royal House is the nephew to various tribes like the Bakwena of Molepolole, Bangwato of Serowe, Barolong of Thaba Nchu and Basotho of Lesotho and added that they are currently toying with the idea of any of those major tribes but should have finalized in a week’s time for the one to perform the task.

“The leopard skin remains the property of the royal house and Kgosi-kgolo will use it as and when the need arises and it stays in his custody,” said Balosang.

He said they are expecting different speakers reflecting different topics and amongst those will be the President of Botswana, Ian Khama, in his capacity as one of the uncles and Kgosi from Serowe.
According to Balosang, the preparations are quite advanced and various committees report on weekly basis at the main kgotla in Kanye. He said invitations have been sent out and added that some of the planned events, such as the sponsored walk, have already taken place.

On dignitaries expected from both within and outside the country, Balosang stated that they are expecting all Dikgosi from Botswana and have Bafokeng from Phokeng in South Africa, Basotho Royals, Barolong of Thaba Nchu and Dikgosi from South Africa representing various tribes. He said they are also expecting members of the SADC Dikgosi as well as members of the Traditional leaders of South Africa.

Another Bangwaketse royal family member, Kwenantle Gaseitsiwe, confirmed Kgosi Malope’s enthronement which is scheduled for Kanye main kgotla on October 7. He encouraged Bangwaketse throughout the region to grace the historic event that was last performed 40 years ago.
“Some of the events will entail traditional troupes, maboko and so forth and mind you this is a cultural event and should reflect ngwao at all costs,” said Gaseitsiwe.

He said the family fun day is on schedule as well as the fund raising dinner scheduled for next week Thursday at Boipuso which will be graced by the Botswana Defence Force Band.


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