Thursday, October 1, 2020

Banjo Mosele promises fans more musical fireworks

The country’s United Kingdom-based jazz guru, Banjo Mosele, has promised his fans and jazz enthusiasts at large interesting fireworks at the Dia Duma jazz festival to be held on Friday at the Botswana craft.

Mosele, who spends much of his performing and recording time in the UK, makes rare visits to the mother land every now and then to keep in touch with his followers and offering them what he does best.

The seasoned guitarist and vocalist is known for such hits as Nja e jele njanyana, which has enjoyed massive airplay on local radio.

Local media practitioners were lucky to get an early taste of the veteran’s refined touches to the guitar after a while away from the local scene. The session was held at Botswana craft, on Friday at the unveiling of the loaded lineup, which will battle it out this coming Friday.

While Mosele commands much following from the older generation, Eugene Jackson, the talk of town at the moment, will hook the middle generation to the scene. Jackson is known for his mesmerizing voice behind the mic. He collaborated with one of the country’s best female vocalists, Hellen, to produce a love hit, which will certainly make it in bold letters in our African pop history books.

Another local folklore music giant to look out for on the day is the Ikalanga jazz maestro, Ndingo Jowa.

Jowa is known for his hoarse, sleepy yet romantic voice and Ikalanga lyrics that often get the old folks breaking their ageing bones, lost and drifting away in pure musical joy.

Stampore, one of the old, folklore music sensations who has for many years kept the young and the old interested in Tswana folklore music, will beef up the night.

Stampore has since moved from a one man band, to having a band accompanying him on stage, and anyone who has known Stampore as a one man band should, should certainly not miss Dia Duma.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Mosele said there would be fireworks at the show, “especially that I will be performing to my countryman, Ndingo.”

Tickets are P100 and the show will start at 6 o’clock on Friday at Botswana Craft.


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