Monday, September 28, 2020

Barata Phathi plotting a breakaway

Convinced that they no longer have a political future inside the Botswana Democratic Party, some leading figures associated with Barata Phathi faction are said to be seriously weighing all options available to them.

Some of them are contemplating resigning from the BDP and forming a new party.

At the centre of it all is their unhappiness with President Ian Khama’s leadership style.

At a Central Committee meeting held last week, President Khama accused some leading members of Barata Phathi of attempts to connive with opposition to undermine him and the BDP immediately after last year’s General Elections.
In particular, the President identified Botsalo Ntuane, Sidney Pilane and Kabo Morwaeng.

He told the Central Committee that following the elections, he instituted investigations, the findings of which are now out.

Following last year’s General Elections there were widespread speculations that some BDP backbenchers were courting a working relationship with opposition as a way of blocking Khama’s favoured set of Specially Elected MPs.

The Telegraph has information that key members of the disgruntled Barata Phathi faction met over the weekend to map the way forward.

The faction’s meeting comes after the BDP Central Committee restrained President Khama after he let it known that he was about to suspend and take disciplinary action against Botsalo Ntuane, Sidney Pilane and Kabo Morwaeng.
The three are accused of masterminding the aborted alliance with opposition.
The BDP Central Committee has delegated National Chairman Daniel Kwelagobe, National Treasurer, Satar Dada and Secretary General Thato Kwerepe to extract an apology from Ntuane and company at a meeting scheduled for later this week.

In what critics have already started to dismiss as yet another show trial by the BDP, the accused will also be expected to pledge loyalty and allegiance to the party and president and to promise never to fall foul again.
A member of the faction who spoke on condition of anonymity said the weekend meeting had only one agenda item: “Do we have a future inside the BDP?”

It would appear like even before the meeting took place there already existed a general consensus that under the current political climate inside the BDP, there is not much hope of reconciliation with the leadership, especially Khama, with whom many of them have been at loggerheads over key issues.

From the look of things it is unlikely that the Thursday meeting will go smoothly.

The Telegraph has learnt that Ntuane, Pilane and Morwaeng are unlikely to tender an apology.

Instead, the trio is expected to demand the full text of the charges made against them as well as a report that has concluded that they are guilty.
The accused are also expected to request to be furnished with the full names of individuals who conducted the investigations.


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