Thursday, January 28, 2021

Barclays Bank alleged robbers too smart for the police

Broadhurst Police are still groping in the dark, with no clue of the identity and whereabouts of suspects who recently broke into Barclays Bank Broadhurst Industrial Branch and made away with close to P15 000.

Information passed to The Telegraph suggests that about two months ago, the police received information to the effect that well known local criminals, assisted by alleged well-armed South African thieves who specialize in bank robberies, were in possession of building plans of some of the commercial banks that they had targeted.
The criminals would later break into Barclays Bank, covering their faces with balaclavas, blasted the safe and stole close to P15 000.

The Sunday Standard is also informed that the suspects also tried to break through another door but were foiled by the alarm.

However, by the time the police arrived on the scene, the suspects had disappeared into thin air.

Because of the balaclavas, the suspects could not be identified on the Closed Circuit Television.

It is suspected that they fled to South Africa.

In a brief interview with The Telegraph on Monday, Detective Senior Superintendent Kabo Marage, of Broadhurst Police Station, said that they had not yet arrested anyone in connection with the robbery. The detective was, however, very reluctant to divulge information, only adding that they had not yet established the origin of the explosives that were used to blast the safe.

Marage said investigations are still ongoing and appealed to the members of the public to assist them with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.


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