Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Barloworld Motors wines and dines its fleet customers

It is most companies’ culture to reward and thank those who support them in their business and AutoHouse-Gaborone, which is a part of the Barloworld Motor Botswana Group, this week hosted a Customer Evening for some of their fleet customers, which was a way of saying ‘thank you for making our business possible’.

This company has identified customer service as becoming more and more of a key differentiator in the highly competitive vehicle market. According to Clement Matswagothata, VW Sales Manager, the objective of this event was to discuss with customers issues that are customer service related in a relaxed manner. “We also try to find out what they want regarding their motoring expectations and requirements,” he said.

This being their first customer evening event of the year, Matswagothata announced that they are planning to hold it after every two months or so. “The purpose is to try and find out ways in which to better our customer service, we would like to reach out to all our clients in the long run,” he said. He said the reason why they held it at the beginning of the year is because the early part of the year is a good time to think about how you want to go about fostering the relationship with your clients.
Matswagothata highlighted that this event was not only about the coming together of customers but it also helped in furthering the relationship as well as in networking.

“We did fairly well last year, and we couldn’t be where were are today without the support from these customers. This function shows our appreciation for their support,” he stated enthusiastically. “The function also gives all customers an opportunity to network and share aspects about their business with each other.”

Matswagothata emphasized that it is VW-AutoHouse-Gaborone’s vision to become the benchmark in the automotive industry when it comes to high customer service levels, and added that their aim this year is to have an outstanding level of customer service so as to push their company to the top both in Botswana and Southern Africa. He concluded by saying how they planned to make a bigger impact in the highly competitive automobile market.


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