Thursday, August 18, 2022

Batswana married to foreigners do not qualify for CEDA ? Minister

Batswana who are married to foreigners in community of property do not qualify for CEDA loans ? the Minister of Finance and Development Planning told Parliament on Friday.

The minister said the CEDA scheme is meant to be accessed by all citizens of Botswana, ?except that citizens, who are married to foreigners in community of property, are impaired by the marital rights of the other spouse.?

He explained that ?the impairment is that of the foreign spouse?s rights to the common property of the marriage.? The restriction is consistent with CEDA guidelines which forbid fronting.

Citizen children born of a Botswana citizen and a foreigner in Botswana are automatically citizens of Botswana and are also entitled to CEDA loans. Those born outside Botswana and, therefore, carrying dual citizenship are also eligible for CEDA, unless they decide to take foreign citizenship after the age of 21.


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