Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BaZezuru clash with gov’t over usage of health services

Some members of the BaZezuru community in Mandunyane Village, in the Tonota North Constituency, have clashed with government over utilization of government health services, saying that their communities believe in the power of healing by God rather than modern health medicine.

The residents said this when replying to various health service presentations during a workshop conducted by a delegation from the Ministry of Health in Mandunyane Village last week.

The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the BaZezuru community on the importance of utilizing government health services such as the Child Welfare Services, PMTCT programmes and Anti-Retro Viral (ARV) services.

One of the community elders, Edward Hamadzarira, expressed concern saying that modern medical science should not challenge the power of God. He further lambasted the modern way of living, saying that it has brought many social illnesses, which never existed during the olden days, into their communities. He rubbished government health services, saying that lives in their communities have solely depended on the power of God and everything has been well.

“We recognize efforts by the government to rope us into utilizing the health services, but we do not really need this modernization into our culture as it also influences ill behavior and brings along illnesses which promote diseases such as HIV/Aids. Despite these modern medicines, you should know that God is the creator of mankind and he is way above this medicine,” he said.

Another community member, Jeremia Hamadzashe, also rubbished the usage of modern medicine, saying that it is a threat to their cultural way of doing things. He said that their communities have never had any problems with regard to health issues as God is the answer to all their problems.
Some of the community members also rubbished the Child Welfare Services by government, saying that they know how to raise and tender their children and do not need to be taught by government.

However, replying to the comments, the Acting Director from the Ministry of Health, Setshwano Mokgweetsinyana, said that it is of utmost important for the community members to take heed of the fact that modern medicine and God can work hand in hand. He said that by government sensitizing the community on health services, it is not out of bad faith, but for the good of the communities and every Motswana.

“God created mankind and he invented modern medicine, so the two can still be fused together looking at the fact that times have changed,” he said.


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