Saturday, December 3, 2022

BBA: Hakeem & Fatima out, O’Neal safe for two more weeks

The sixth eviction Sunday saw two more housemates, Fatima and Hakeem, biting the dust as they were booted out of the Ruby and Diamond Houses, respectively.

After Fatima’s name was called up anyone could have been forgiven for thinking her compatriot Natasha was the one leaving the house given the way she burst into tears and screamed like a baby.
“No drama, no drama. It’s not about you, chill out,” Fatima tried to console her.

Unfortunately for the Malawian, it was only her maiden appearance on the chopping list. During nominations the previous Monday, she managed to get HYPERLINK “!.html?site=fullsite”the highest nominations in the Ruby House with her fellow housemates citing her “ever changing moods” as their reasons for putting her up.

Zimbabwe’s Hakeem seemed completely flabbergasted by his eviction and for good reason; besides being the new Head of House the poor bloke had found out only moments earlier that he was also up for possible eviction thanks to Melvin putting him up in place of his fellow compatriot, Pokello, who, like Natasha and Nando, has also survived multiple evictions.

Hakeem’s eviction comes on the back of a personally great week that not only saw him win HoH task but also got the chance to say his ‘I dos’ to his girlfriend Cleo in one of Big Brother’s most interesting tasks to date, which also saw Botswana’s O’Neal also playing husband and wife with his Tanzanian love interest, Feza.

O’Neal earned himself another two weeks in the House after coming out victorious in the HoH task. It was a week of mixed fortunes for the Tswana chap as just less than a day into their ‘honeymoon’ he had to helplessly watch his girlfriend leave the Ruby House for the Diamonds after HoH Elikem swapped her following the Airtel Challenge.

Rumours that his girl had actually requested to be swapped did not help the situation as evidenced by his indifference when he refused to acknowledge her surprise departure, declining to give her a goodbye kiss. The Tanzanian hottie spent most of Friday night shedding tears with Bimp by her side dishing advice.

But it seems all was forgotten by Saturday as O’Neal seemed to have cast away any doubts about Feza’s “love” for him.

“She is in love with me. She didn’t think that she would fall in love with me and now that she is; she fails to manage the situation,” he told Sulu. He has since promised to bring his girl back on Friday should they win the Airtel challenge.

Only time will tell if the relationship will weather the twists and turns that come with the game.


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