Thursday, April 25, 2024

BBA performance urges ATI to search for SA record deal

We recently witnessed him setting the stage alight at the Big Brother eviction show. Performing live, Atlasaone “ATI” Molemogi usually brings along back-up artists as well as his trademark, The Black Teardrop. This time he performed alone and he said that his was an intention to use the platform to shine alone.

“I did not want to dilute the performance. I did not want to leave them with the belief that ATI is a group,” he said via a phone interview.

Introducing him, Big Brother presenter IK told the audience to look-out for an energetic performance. Commenting on IK’s introduction, ATI said that he was surprised that the team had heard of him before he stepped on the Big Brother stage.

Asked if he had performed for them before the show, he said that he did.

“They were excited to have me and they were intrigued by the Teardrop.”

ATI says that he is about to embark on a journey to South Africa in search for a record. He says his is an intention to take advantage of the hype that he created with his performance over the weekend. A performance that had most of Africa’s eyes fastened on him.

“I am going to Jo’Burg for a week to look for a record deal. I want to take advantage of the hype. I want to get a record deal in a week or less. And I am not coming back without a record deal.”

He said accompanying him is Dj Shyne. ATI says that Dj Shyne is well known in his circuits in the neighbouring South Africa and he is going to help him look around for a record deal.

He added that it was time for Africa to see him doing his thing.

He said that Botswana is too small of a market. A cry most creatives point-out.

“That’s why you see people still driving Japanese cars. It’s time to make some real money and build houses. Re bata go ja.”

On the experience of the journey from Botswana to the Big Brother stage, ATI said that the actual journey wasn’t exactly beautiful.

“I hate flying. Just the thought of being up there.”

ATI, however added that it was worth the trouble as being on stage was a beautiful experience.

According to the singer, the long-awaited single, Sabliff will drop on the 31st of July. And he says that the album, Polao ya Motho deluxe will drop on the 29th of August.


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