Thursday, May 26, 2022

BBA4 statistics: what are the odds?

Men were disappointed, some didn’t even pay for their monthly DSTV subscription. They would rather wait for football season than watch a couple of guys rubbing each other up, they said.

Some of the Botswana men, who are known for watching BBA4 for its shower hour, kissing contestants, bed-hopping games and drinking fests, were angry and had promised themselves to restrain from watching the show.

It would be boring they said.
BBA4, which had promised viewers a lot of surprises and twists, had started off with only male housemates for the fourth season. Men were not impressed.
Statistics from the Big Brother website show that about 54% of viewers strongly disapproved of the new development, citing that the show would be very boring without females.

27.32% thought that it would be boring, only a mere 3.44% thought that it would be exciting.

The minority voters were called homosexuals by website visitors.
The BBA4 website, like most informal websites, is full of profanities delivered by site users with hilarious usernames.

Usernames, like Borobadilepe, celimart, palomba, coconamib and MP2010, amongst others, are likely to be found commenting on the events within the house.

Quite a number of posts put up within the site talk about how the new housemates don’t have as much drama as those in the past seasons.

The users are adamant that it’s time they got their money’s worth; drama, they say, has to ensue somewhere.
A housemate from Nigeria, Kevin, is proving to be a favourite with the show’s viewers.

Known for its shallow audience, the website users had put up a post with the question: ”Who is the cutest housemate”?

Kevin has been described as “hot” and handsome by about 35% of viewers and has put his country on the pedestal as he is the reason another 35% of viewers want the BBA4 winner to be Nigerian.
Botswana’s boy, Kaone, is also holding his own as about 8.29% of viewers want the winner of the show to be from Botswana.

Unfortunately for him, he only received 3.58% of the votes for the cutest housemates; however, the least number of votes went to Erastus with 0.65% of votes.

28.26% of viewers think that both Hannington and Yacob are no good, with Botswana’s Kaone following at 13.04%.
Kevin, as it seems, got the least number of votes, showing how much viewers are warming up to his character.

It also seems as if the viewers might be a sexist lot as about 48.91% think that the male Biggie was way better than the female one in BBA4.
Only 24% thought it was cool for Biggie to be female.

3.9% thought it was very evident that the female Biggie was way better than the male one.

As usual, there has to be a drama queen amongst the lot and it seems BBA4’s drama queen is Jennifer, the lass from Mozambique.

Apparently, the housemates have seen that Jen is not someone to mess with when she threw a tantrum after a male housemate kissed her on the cheek.
He said she was playing games and teasing him while she wasn’t willing to listen to any of that.

It seems as if the hot topic of discussion is who the most beautiful woman in the house is between Jen and Kristal.

The topic seems to have awakened the issue of light skinned women being more beautiful than the darkÔÇôskinned women. Most didn’t vouch for Kristal because they said she was just light skinned.
While others said Emma was the most beautiful woman in the house even though she was dark skinned.

Others said that when voting, beauty shouldn’t matter because character was the important aspect to look for in a housemate.

As is common in a place where men and women are locked in together, romance is already blooming amongst certain housemates, what with Kenya’s Jeremy and Angola’s Emma, or Jemma as viewers call them.


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