Sunday, July 3, 2022

BBA’s 17-year struggle far from ending

The President of the Botswana Basketball Association (BBA), Kabo Khama, says the current struggle of the sport is mainly due to Poor administration and shortage of skilled personnel in the past.

In an interview with Sunday Standard he said the sport used to be run as just for leisure and that has too change.

“The sport used to be run as a pastime sport in this country. For example, there was shortage in the administrating workforce. BBA previous committees had few people administering it while other members were inactive. This made the BBA perform badly as an organisation,” said Khama.

He said poor administration of the sport has even made it difficult to attract sponsorships from the business community, adding that, in the past, the few personnel the sport had had to multi task to keep it going. He gave an example whereby a coach becomes a referee and a committee member. He said this killed the growth and development of the basketball sport.

Khama said this mismanagement also made Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) lose faith and confidence on the committee in charge, adding that this resulted in BNSC withdrawing membership benefits from BBA as the management was not transparent and could not account. Khama said as a result of past mismanagement, the BBA league lost many teams. He said many women teams and few men’s teams ended up being not active because they did not have any motivation to do so.

The BBA President also said the sport, in its seventeen years of existence has not been getting recognition from Batswana as it is also facing tough competition for popularity from older sports codes like netball, football, softball and others. He said this is the reason the league and the association does not have any money to sustain it.

Khama, who started as an additional member in 2008, was chosen President of the struggling association last year in November. He said their main task is to revamp basketball and make it a sport to reckon with in Botswana, adding that the current committee is led by young inexperienced members, which is another challenge on its own. He said unlike in the past where there was shortage of personnel, the team administrators are not over tasked. Khama said even though they are trying by all means to get a sponsorship for the sport, some companies are so promising that he is optimistic that they will eventually get something.

One of the challenges the BBA league experiences is shortage of facilities. Basketball is an indoor sport but there are only two indoor basketball courts in this country. They are at Lobatse’s new stadium and Thebephatshwa grounds. Sometimes most matches are forced to postpone when it is raining.

The results for this past weekend have seen BDF V women beating UB Relics by 45 points to 41.

BDF V men walloped Warriors by 85 points to 25. Police men dominated the court as they scored 76 points while Saints only put 55 points on the basket.

On Tuesday UB Relics ladies walloped Botho College Ravens by 86 points to 35.


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