Thursday, June 20, 2024

BBB celebrates its customer month

Thuli Johnson, the managing director for Barclays Bank of Botswana, demonstrated what it takes to be a banker by declaring the month of July to celebrate the support of his customersÔÇöthe true sprit of trust which is the bedrock of the banking industry.
Barclays Bank of Botswana, which is the leading arm of the Global Barclays Group in terms of profits in over 10 countries in Africa, has chosen the month of July to celebrate customers under the theme, ‘My Customer, My Pride’.

Barclays, which is the biggest commercial bank in the country, came into Botswana in 1950 ÔÇö after Standard Chartered Bank.

“We continue to be the best retail and commercial bank for every customer, every product, every market, every time,” Johnson said.

Over the years, Barclays has managed to master the best trick in banking of forging a partnership between the brick and mortar institution and the peopleÔÇöin the banking halls ÔÇô including through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

“It is, therefore, befitting that we treat our customers with exceptional service to demonstrate how much we value them and their support during this month and beyond,” he said.
“I am excited that all colleagues across the Bank’s outlets have committed fully to ensuring that Barclays Bank achieves its customer service tenet, and that the Bank will do everything to ensure that it constantly goes beyond customer expectations,” he added.

As part of the gesture, Barclays Bank said it is prepared to burn cash on July 24th in a bid to please its trusted customers.

Barclays Bank is the largest commercial bank in Botswana offering retail banking, commercial banking and credit cards and, of late, credit rating and has a market capitalization of over P 5 billion. It is one of the first institutions to list on the Botswana Stock Exchange at its inception and currently employs over 1300 permanent staff.

Barclays bank has a web of branches even in the most remote places such as Gantsi and boosts of a network of 101 ATMs, excluding agencies.


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