Friday, August 12, 2022

BCA enrolls another 2O schools to developmental programme

The Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) has recently introduced another batch of twenty new schools to its developmental programme.

The 20 new government primary schools are situated in the Northern region. About 1077 kids have been enrolled from these 20 schools.

According to the CEO of Botswana Cricket, Girish Ramakrishna, the initiative is a big step forward in their development plan for cricket at the grassroots level.

“This increases the total tally of government schools under the developmental programme to 85 primary schools. About 5177 kids have been introduced to cricket since the inception of the development programme in 2007,” said Ramakrishna.

When the programme started in 2007, it had to start recruiting government schools that would be interested in enrolling their kids into the programme.

The programme has increasingly added more schools as the years went by, from zero schools to 5177 schools.

The new primary schools that have been introduced for Junior cricket are Nyangabwe, Mokaleng, Our Lady, Maradu, Mahube, Satellite, Pelotshwana, Tati-town, Ikhutseng, Aerodrome, Mahudiri, Moremogolo, Phatsimo, Centre For the Deaf, Monarch, Ntshe, Tagala, Phase IV, and Pathlogo primary schools, along with TKM College.

Meanwhile, the BCA’s Under 11 tournament kicked off on the 10th of this month and, since then, about 16 games have been played. The tournament is expected to end on the 2nd of June.
The first game played was on the 10th and it was between Itumeleng and Phaphane Primary schools.
Itumeleng won by scoring 22 runs for no wicket.

The second game played was between Kgabo Sereto and Masa; Kgabo Sereto won by scoring 43 runs for 5 wickets.

In the third game, Oodi won by a walkover since Notwane Primary failed to pitch up.
The fourth match was between Modipane and Mojadife.The former walked away the winner after scoring 44 runs for 5 wickets.

Kgabo Sereto once again won their game with Phaphane by scoring 64 runs for 1 wicket.
The fifth game was won by Itumeleng as Masa failed to pitch for the game. Modipane again went on to win their second game against Notwane by scoring 55 runs for 3 wickets in 12.5 overs.
Mojadife went against Oodi and won by scoring 67 runs for 2 wicket in 11 overs.

Ramogotsi won against Philip Moshotle by scoring 66 runs for 7 wickets.
The next match between Ben Thema and Bophirima was won by Ben Thema through a walkover because Bophirima failed to pitch.

The eleventh match was between Ramogotsi and Ben Thema, Ramogotsi walked away the winner after scoring 67 runs for 4 wickets. The twelfth match was between Philip Moshotle and Bophirima, the match was won by Bophirima which scored 27 runs for 1 wicket in 6 overs.

The match where Itumeleng went against Kgabo Sereto was won by Itumeleng which scored 50 runs for 6 wickets. Masa scored 41 runs for 9 wickets when it beat Phaphane primary.
Mojadife and Notwane finally went head to head and the winner was Mojadife. The won with 52 runs for 5 wickets in 6.3 overs.

The last match played was between Oodi and Modipane, the game was won by Oodi with 33 runs for 8 wickets.


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