Tuesday, April 23, 2024

BCP councilor flees party primaries and joins BNF

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has lost another councilor to Botswana National Front (BNF) after Ramotswa South Councilor; Molemi Rakgomo defected to BNF midweek.

Rakgomo confirmed in an interview that he officially resigned from the party yesterday after BCP failed to resolve an issue that resulted in some infighting in Ramotswa South Ward. ?Rakgomo said that he has since joined the BNF after he resigned from BCP. “I still believe that I have an assignment to accomplish as┬ácouncilor in the opposition. I took a move to join BNF because I will be able to continue with the opposition work,” said Rakgomo.

 He stated that he took a decision to join to the BNF after the BCP leadership failed to resolve an outstanding issue in his ward.

┬á“Some┬áof the people who are in the party leadership introduced a candidate in the Ramotswa South ward to challenge me during the primary. I raised this issue to the central committee which they failed to resolve… I once suggested that both of us should not be allowed to stand for elections in next year’s general elections but the leadership maintained that everyone can stand for primary. Some felt that I was scared to stand for elections with that candidate but my worry was that the candidate was imposed by some individuals members in the leadership of the party. I ended up taking a decision to resign from the party,” Rakgomo said.

?BCP, Publicity Secretary, Taolo Lucas said in a separate interview that officially the party was not aware Rakgomo had quiet the party.

┬áHe said that Rakgomo only broke the news to him telephonically. The BCP spokesperson also stated that he would not be surprised by Rakgomo’s resignation because he once threatened to quit the BCP.┬á┬á “I know that┬áthere was an issue that has been dragging for a long time. This could have fuelled┬áhis resignation,” said Lucas.

Rakgomo has been received with a warm reception by the BNF and it contends he is a big catch for the party.BNF, Secretary General, Tapiso Kgosikoma confirmed that Rakgomo has been officially welcomed into the party.┬á“This Cleary shows that people still love to associate themselves with BNF. We continue to receive a good number of members who register on daily basis,” said Kgosikoma.


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