Thursday, March 30, 2023

BCP calls for probe into Mathokgwane SPEDU appointment

Botswana Congress Party Youth League is calling for an investigation into the appointment of former Good hope/Mabule MP James Mathokgwane as the new Director Regional Operations at the Selibe Phikwe Economic Diversification Unit (SPEDU).

BCP youth League president Tumiso Chilyboy Rakgare told reporters on Monday that they have an official confirmation that Mathokgwane resumed work at SPEDU on Monday morning as Director Regional Operations.

“We want to know when he was interviewed. How many people were interviewed for that position? Was the post advertised? If yes when was it advertised? Does he qualify for this position? We suspect foul play and we call on for an investigation on Mathokgwane appointment,” he said.

Rakgare said there are lots of young people in this country who are qualified enough to take such a position like the one in SPEDU.

He said his party cannot allow a situation where somebody resigns today and tomorrow they just hear that there was an interview and he qualified for the post and three days after his resignation  he is working somewhere else.
“We understand and believe that the BDP is involved in the resignation of James Mathokgwane; the BDP is run by Mafias who are out there to manipulate every citizen of this country. It is pleasing to see how Batswana are beginning to aggressively show the BDP that enough is enough. Batswana are ready to topple the BDP from government,” he said.

The BCP youth wing is still shocked and dismayed by Mathokgwane’s immediate resignation. They said with the hardships that Batswana go through on a daily basis caused by the BDP there is no room for forgiving any politician who ditch the voters.

“Mathokgwane and the Umbrella for Democratic Change owe the people of Good hope/Mabule an apology. The people of that constituency voted for Mathokgwane with the hope that he will not disappoint them; Mathokgwane took oath before parliament that he will serve his constituents with diligence. The question now is what happened to accountability.┬á Does accountability not affect politicians?” asked Rakgare.

He said a situation where MPs are elected and with reasons known to them only decide to ditch the people who voted them cannot be tolerated.

“You are elected by people and with reasons known only to you; you decide that you have personal matters after being elected to Parliament. When he campaigned he never drew a line between his personal matters and matters that are of public concern,” said Rakgare.

He added that “We cannot allow a situation where those who have been voted to Parliament start having personal matters after being voted. He even cared less to go back to the people who voted him; to at least explain to them the reason why he cannot continue representing them.”

The youth League further said since the 2014 general elections the BCP remains the party that can be trusted.
“Botswana Congress Party is the only answer. Since the 2014 general elections we had four bye elections which the BDP performed dismally in all of the four. Now with the vacancy created by James Mathokgwane; after the news broke last week we started engaging the youth and our members in the constituency specifically on what the party should do,” said Rakgare.

The BCP youth said their party should field a candidate in Good hope/Mabule. “We will be ready to give our support and help to that particular person whom the party will identify as a candidate for the area. We are determined to fight and win the area,” said Rakgare.

Rakgare further urged Good hope/Mabule constituents to punish the UDC and also punish the BDP for its failures in the constituency like shortage of water, power and high rate of unemployment.


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