Monday, November 28, 2022

BCP Mogoditshane constituency plans mass demonstrations

Botswana Congress Party parliamentary candidate say they intend to embark on a mass demonstration to show their dissatisfaction with range of issues such as unemployment, education and land issues in the area.

BCP aspiring parliamentary candidate, Macdonald Chilliboy Rakgari at the said the mass demonstration is meant to sensitise the government to address issues that are of paramount importance to Mogoditshane voters.

 He said that unemployment remains a challenge in the area but the government seems to be reluctant in addressing it.

Rakgari was worried about the JC results that have been disastrous for the past years. He stated that Mogoditshane was not spared by the declining students’ performance.

“This year was the worst where we witnessed only one student being awarded first class (A) among 487 students┬áboth from Mogoditshane JSS and Ledumadumane JSS,” stated Rakgari.

He said that the current scenario shows that Mogoditshane was not spared by the education crisis.

Rakgari called on the assistant Minister of Education, Patrick Masimolole, who is also MP for Mogoditshane, to resign following the JC poor results. 

Rakgari stated during a press conference that most of the students in the area continue to fail but the ministry is failing to address the issue.

He said that like the BCP president has called on Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi to resign, he is also calling on the assistant minister to also resign.

He said that they had both failed to deliver their mandate. ┬áRakgari stated that the issue of students’ failure was a result of shortage of books in schools which was ignored by the government.

On land, Rakgari stated that the situation in Lobatse was heartbreaking.

He said that Kweneng Landboard alone has a waiting list of about 130 000 Batswana who are waiting to be allocated land. 

He said that the waiting list dates as far as 1993 which shows that the current government does not intend to solve the backlog and help landless Batswana.


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