Sunday, March 26, 2023

BCP proposal a non starter – Motswaledi

Other than through a single coalition it is highly unlikely that the Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) will work together. Recent suggestions by the BCP that it wishes to team up with UDC in constituencies where they (BCP)are not fielding candidates has been dismissed as nothing but a public relations gimmick. At a press conference held midweek BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando announced that he would engage UDC leader Duma Boko on an unconditional offer to assist UDC in constituencies where the BCP enjoys a small following. “They have in the past not talked to us, but to the media that they will support the Umbrella parties at bye elections and what was left in the minds of the unsuspecting population was their spirit of goodwill which was so abundant that they were ready and willing to help.

In real terms and practice they have neither helped not extended goodwill in any practical terms, instead, we have witnessed the reverse,” said UDC’s general secretary Gomolemo Motswaledi in a brief written response to SundayStandard’s enquiries. Motswaledi said that the BCP proposal is a nonstarter. He said that many Batswana were still disappointed that the BCP had bolted out of the opposition cooperation talks. He said the BCP has never been sincere when it comes to working with other opposition out with other opposition parties. He said even last year, UDC made a bid to invite BCP to the cooperation talks but unfortunately He has further criticized Saleshando for routing the proposal through the media instead of formally approaching the UDC leadership.

“Why he chooses the moment and forum he did for the announcement is part of what they know best and what they are typically good at. My leader was not given the respect of engagement as a leader on this matter. He learnt about it on the media as well,” said Motswaledi. “Use of media stunts is a political weapon which they have in abundance and apply it usually effectively and should be congratulated for both the talent and its application.

However, only honesty and truthfulness is what is being sought. Until now, proof of both honesty and truthfulness on this matter on the part of our esteemed colleagues who have always without fail been proposers of goods ideas which they finally are not a part of, has yet to be established,” he added. He said the BCP leaders are hypocrites and cannot be trusted when it comes to cooperation among opposition parties. “It is one thing to say things that make you look good, it is yet another to be good, truthful and honest. We cannot afford as the opposition to talk against the present government’s deficit on values that we pride a deficit in as well,” he stated.


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