Thursday, April 25, 2024

BCP warns against BDP’s material promises

Former Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President Gilson Saleshando says Botswana under the rule of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is destined for more failures in the future unless people stop being overshadowed by material things promised to them by the BDP.

 He said the BDP has lost all civility as it does not have the people’s interests at heart, save for a few who find no fault in dancing to their tune, thereby finding it very hard to resist the temptation of tumbling in corruption.

Addressing a political rally in Maun on Saturday, Saleshando noted that of recent, the BDP leadership has become more dangerous as they have resorted to stealing and using the tax payer’s money to even run their households while the masses of people suffer.

 “They are thieves. It has even become apparent that they have run out of strategies of recruiting people into their party and now rely on the use of cash power that we all know is obtained fraudulently. I believe it’s high time you people start questioning where these people get all this money. They always have cash ready to entice people and this should raise eyebrows,” he said.

With this noticeable corruption, he said he is very much worried about the high numbers of people who still vote the BDP in high numbers nevertheless. He said people of Ngamiland particularly should have by now learnt a lot as they are a forgotten flock that is also the most challenged.

“The government is over and done with you. You have no access to the management of natural resources around you. These are managed and are meant to benefit a selected few. It therefore should be easy for you to convince more people to leave the BDP and its corrupt leadership. You need to drive out the fear in you and see things in perspective. I will never rest until I see this change” said Saleshando.

Also speaking at the rally was former Maun East Parliamentary candidate Goretetse Kekgonegile who said he is more than happy now that cooperation talks seem to be progressing well. Should the talks succeed, he said their work as the opposition coalition will be made simpler as they will be in a good position to deal with the BDP head-on as a unit. First and foremost he said they will advocate for result oriented programs that will benefit all while also introducing alternative means of creating jobs for Batswana, most of who currently have the skills and knowhow on various fields but are deliberately being sidelined for reasons only known to the BDP government. He also lamented about the perpetual downgrading of democracy in Botswana which he says has worsened. He said; “There is serious erosion of the foundations of democracy in this country and so the time has come for all of us to take necessary action. Remember we are led by treacherous people who have their own way of doing corruption. What they fail to understand is that being disloyal to the very people who look up to you their representative is comparable to bringing indignity upon themselves. The time has come for you to show these people that you have tolerated them for long and that what you need now is absolute transformation.”


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