Tuesday, July 5, 2022

BCP’s Monowe likely to lock horns with Mabiletsa at party primaries

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Member of Parliament, Isaac Mabiletsa, is no holy cow and, like all party members who aspire for political office, is set to contest the party primaries if he wants to run as Kgatleng East parliamentary aspirant, the party has hinted.

This follows speculation that Mabiletsa could have been wooed to rejoin the BCP with an assurance that he will not be challenged as the party’s parliamentary candidate for the Kgatleng East constituency.

Speculation is further reinforced by the fact that the party’s parliamentary hopeful, Philip Monowe, has withdrawn from frontline politics and is, according to insiders, taking some time off to focus on his doctoral studies.

However, in an interview with The Telepraph, the party’s publicity secretary, Taolo Lucas, denied Mabiletsa rejoined the party under some special arrangement.

“Mabiletsa will be subject to all party procedures and I wish to put the record straight that he was not lured to BCP with any strings attached,” said Lucas.

“He is going to follow the same procedure afforded to all party members, including a fair and balanced vigorous electoral contest…even Mabiletsa as a seasoned politician clearly knows that position,” he added.

Lucas said that as an open and democratic party, his organization believes people should be allowed to choose who should represent them in each constituency, hence the upcoming party primary elections sometime this year or early next year.

“We are not a guerilla movement but a formal organization with formal and living procedures followed to the letter,” said Lucas.

In a separate interview, Monowe said that issues surrounding who will represent the party where are as of now not a priority.

“I do not own the constituency and, as such, do not feel threatened. Worse still, the party primaries are still far away. At the moment, I credit myself with recruiting new quality members which is what the leadership wants,” said Monowe.

“Mabiletsa’s presence is going to boost competition in the constituency and party…,” he added.
Monowe also urged party members to embrace new recruits for the growth of the party.


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